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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Painting Pottery with Darling Daughter

 You might have read about my recent Girls Wkend with my Fabulous Darling Daughter.  One of the many things we did (and if you didn't read about it Click Here and HERE...plus you can see how different the pottery pieces look now that they're fired), was paint pottery.  We enjoy doing that when we're together.  With each outing my pieces are less pathetic, but her's are always awesome.  She has a steady had and the ability to draw.  I draw to keep my piece smaller and more basis.  Shallow bowl above could be a good size for a salad bowl
 AND or snack bowl.  I think it would work for crackers and cheese, salty snacks etc.  We often have salty snacks with our Martini's during cocktail.
 Her bowl.......see what I mean!  She drew this awesome flower by hand inside the bowl, even picked up some shading with the colors in the flower and leaves.  Inside background is a pretty blue, while the outside is a nice dark navy blue.  She made two of these.
 These are good sizes for soup, cereal, and or side dishes. 


  1. Visual artists are always astounding to me. Great work here!

  2. S. Heilman7:19 PM

    Cute blog. Love that bowl your daughter did. Gave me new idea for when my granddaughter and I do some pottery painting together.


  3. Thanks ladies for the visits and nice comments. Sharon...my DD is really quite good, and the flower really turned out well. This would be an awesome activity for you and your granddaughter.


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