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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Girl Time, Mother and Daughter Special

Girls times almost always involve pedicures.  Darling Daughter and I love to have a nice pedicure.  I had a wonderful 3 night 4 day visit this past weekend in St. Louis with my daughter.  We don't get to see each other often enough; but when we do..........we really know how to have a good time.  Over the course of the weekend we had a pedicure and manicure, we painted pottery, we attended a Pub Craw, we had fabulous food at a variety of restaurants, we shopped, and we had a massage.

I arrived mid day on Friday and DD picked me up at the airport.  We started off our weekend with lunch at Dressel's  Public House in The Central West End
Sorry, I don't have pictures, as I wasn't unpacked and didn't have my camera.  After spending an interesting afternoon with her at work, De La Salle Middle School we got dressed up for dinner at our favorite restaurant, LoRusso's.  Again no pictures.  We've eaten a wonderful meal at LoRusso's more times then I can count.  It's located in The Hill (The Italian neighborhood in St. Louis.)

Saturday was about The Pub Crawl.  We started early with coffee in the hotel.
Followed by necessary shopping for animal prints at Kohl's.  I was able to nab a blouse for $10.00 and Darling Daughter got several.  All were on sale, 30% off AND on top of that I had a 30% off coupon!  We had a good hearty breakfast at Chris's.  Falling down on pictures, sorry to say.  We've had a good number of good pancakes, french toast and the like at Chris's during our visits to St. Louis.  I highly recommend it.

Once back at the hotel, we reviewed our shopping and put together our outfits.  Darling Daughters
And mine.  The pub crawl's theme was animal prints.  The idea...is to get noticed.  Many of us had fun clashing prints!  We meet up at Handlebar (do click, I posted lots of pictures and info).  Before the night was over we managed to hit 5 establishments.
A bit hard to get pictures at Rehab Lounge (corner of Manchester and Chouteau Avenue), as it was dark with strob lighting.  There was some dancing
next up was Just Johns
where we noticed even the lady doing the weather on tv was wearing animal prints!  Awesome old building with tile ceiling.  Since we started out in the afternoon earlier pictures were easier to get...the lack of light as the night wore on decreased the ability to do that.

Funny thing, Jimmy here with his animal hat wasn't actually in our group; but we felt compelled to get a photo.

We had dinner at Atomic Cowboy's

And called it a successful and fun night after visiting Novak's .

Wanted you to get the feel for animalprint fun.......random pictures here from the group participating in The Pub Crawl.

We had dinner at Pi after painting pottery, and several awesome brunches at Cafe Osage and SqWires.  What a fun visit.

I managed to do some knitted on the plane coming and going, and a little bit while we were at hotel in between all of our activity.  I love Girl Time with my Darling Daughter.  Be sure and check out Traveling Suitcase for Menu Mondays, as there will be posts regarding those brunches mentioned above.


  1. Oh WOW!!! Sounds like you and your DD had LOTS of fun!!!! LOVE all the animal print too!.. My OWN Dear Daughter and I just went to see the movie Les Miserable, and it was AMAZING!!!! LOVED it, and can't wait to see the play, live in May!.. Have a great weekend! ~tina

  2. you do get out and about, fun stuff going on mom/daughter nice memories....:)

  3. Beansieleigh sounds like you and your daughter also had a wonderful time. Thanks Faith, yes Mom and Daughter memories are awesome to have.

  4. Hi Sandy your time with your DD sounded wonderful. I love St. Louis - have visited there a couple of times.
    I'm not to good at this blog thing yet - just checked and seen you left a message on my SuperBowl blog. Yes, our church youth have made Super Bowl Subs for around 20 years as a fundraiser. The money they raise is used to travel to the National Youth Gatherings held every three years usually dowon south somewhere. My husband and I have chaperoned the group to Atlanta, San Antonio, and New Orleans. It's a great time, but I have decided after the last trip to New Orleans it's time for another mom to take over my job. Our youngest daughter graduates this May so someone else should step up to the plate!
    Nice chatting with you - hope to chat with you again sometime.

  5. You were dressed with the best of them. I love the photo of you and Chrissy at the one bar...do I see a little glaze of happiness over your eyes?!!!


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