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Sunday, February 03, 2013

Knitting and Crocheting Here There and Everywhere

 Sea and Sand is still in the works, coming along but seems like it's taken forever.  Not a good picture here at all, couldn't spread it out as I was in the middle of a row when I decided to stop and take a picture.  The row closest to you is the last row of variegated yarn before starting the darker gray so I think I'm about 3/4's done?  Probably going to take a little break from knitting this in order to work some on 
this afghan.  Sea and Sand is too big to tote around, so started on this one the other day.  Had a hair appointment to get un-gray and took the yellow squares with me to begin edging with purple.  You see the yarn off to the right.  Though in my picture it looks blue, it's bright purple.  I had several names for this afghan when I designed it months ago.  One was Iris and Lillies and one was Easter Basket.  The purple (which is what the really dark is even though it too isn't showing up true here) makes me think of Iris and the yellow Lillies.  Then both of those colors make me think of Easter Baskets.  Which name do you prefer?

You can see the variety of sizes of squares here.  And in this close up you can sorta tell the variegated is in fact purple and yellow.  These afghans like 99% of those I make and or assemble will be donated to Homeless Families Foundation through, Bridge and Beyond.

On my Year of Project List Iris and Lillies/Easter Basket is ghan #9 of 10...so doing well on that particular potion of the list.  I've not made any headway with the skirt I wanted to myself, or sweater I wanted to make for my DD, or worked any on the longest ever project, Candy Corn Ghan.  Well....we shall see what happens.  Happy Sunday, one and all.  YOP badge and link in tab across the top of the blog.  Do join us, it's fun.

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  1. I see those colours as Irises. For me Easter-y colours are more pastels. The variegated squares give me a bit of vertigo :)

    I love Sea and Sand. I've been moaning about a scarf taking forever, so I can certainly commiserate with your feelings on Sea and Sand.

  2. I like Iris and Lilies, especially since I love those dark purple Irises. Both your blankets are treasures for someone for sure.

  3. The psychedelic variegated squares are great! They remind me of the op art movement. I'll never know how you manage to make so many blankets, it is truly amazing.

  4. Thanks ladies for your visits and comments, much appreciated.

  5. I'm a fan of Iris and Lily.. Perfect colors for those flowers..It's been a while since I've seen Sea and Sand..and it looks wonderful.

  6. I vote irises-- that color combination always looks like irises to me, too :)

    Glad the package got to you safely!

  7. Thanks folks for the input on the name. Believe we're going with Iris and Lilies.

  8. The Sea and Sand is so beautiful! And I'm glad you already decided about the name, because I'm terrible at naming crocheted creations and wasn't sure what to vote for!


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