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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Stitches with Sandy

 The green sweater for DD is almost at it's 5 inches of garter which is the band of the sweater.  Once it hits 5 inches it's time to change needle size and move into the pattern stitch.  Took this photo several days before this Sunday's YOP post, as I was trying to get posts lined up.  Hopefully by the time you read this, those changes have happened.  If you scroll back or click here, you'll progress has been made.  I started with the largest piece for the sweater the back with a cast on of 120 stitches, so even with garter it takes so time.  Most people it seems start with the two smaller pieces of sweaters the fronts...thought mentally, I would like to do the largest first so I could really fell like headway was being made.  The pattern picture is Here
 The feather and fan afghan, Sea and Sand has been in the works for a long while; but it too is making progress.  It's so large I really can't take it with me anymore so only work on it here and there at home.  But, when you last saw it, I had just finished the variegated section.  I'm now about half done with tan.  There are 232 stitches per row, so it seems to take forever to get a few rows done...but I am plugging along.
Love the tan right next to that last variegated, so thought I'd show you a close up.

YOP-2 update:(see tab top of the blog for badge and link)
Make 10 ghans from donated squares etc. (8 done 2 more to go)
Finish Sea and Sand (getting close, I think)
Finish Candy Corn (I don't know if I'll get to it, or want to, but it's been waiting for SSSSSoooooo long.
Learn new cast on methods...haven't done anything in that direction
Use knitting machine....still in box in basement, no headway setting it back up for use
Knit myself a cable skirt.......not happening, by the time I get my other items done it will summer, probably
Something for DD, which was to be a scarf...which was in fact completed.  But, it wasn't right for her or needed.  Project for her has turned into the green sweater above.

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