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Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Day Late and Dollar Short

A day late, a dollar short, AND I lied!  Day late...yesterday was Wednesday, Work in Progress Day and here I am on Thursday making my post.  I lied, apparently.  See an additional variegated section is done on this feather and fan style knitted afghan, Sea and Sand?  When I posted the previous post I was going to stop at the gray, but it away awhile and go work on something else.  Nope....I lied, I didn't put it away.  I keep thinking about how close I was getting to the end and well....here we are a few days later after finishing another section and ready to add the next.

Actually...that only 3 sections to do, the tan/gold you see followed by the last variegated section and the final dark gray section.  Took this photo yesterday in order to make the post, and last night was working with the tan/gold section.  Can't finish a section a night, there are too many stitches in a row.

A dollar short...hum..nothing to post really about that; but the saying popped into my head.  Anyone wonder where or how that saying, "A day late and a dollar short", came from?  A quick google search and this is what I found.


a day late and a dollar short
  1. (US, idiomatic) Action that was taken too late and is too feeble to be of any use.
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  1. I love the colors on that feather and fan, so pretty. I would love to knit an afghan but always shy away from the larger projects. Eventually I'll make the commitment to invest the time (and money), because yours is so pretty!

  2. thanks for visiting my blog - love your afghan :)

  3. My posting a day late, also, knitting knows no time.
    Feather and fan is a favorite, it is always so pretty.

  4. That is a beautiful blanket! Luckily there were so many on YA this week that it took me a couple days to get through them. Glad I didn't miss seeing your beautiful blanket.

  5. Thanks ladies for the visits and nice comments, sure appreciate it.

  6. Christine N, following the link from your comment/profile picture etc, all it does is take me to google plus...I keep looking but can't find a link to you blog??


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