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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mother and Daughter Style

 This past weekend I spent a fabulous fun filled "Girls Time" with my Darling Daughter Christine.  We live about 500 miles apart and love love love our time together.  She has some serious talent when it comes to painting pottery.  I dabble at it.  But, with dabble I am getting a wee bit better.  These are 2 small shallow bowls (shallow easier for me) that can be used as salad bowls and or snacky type bowls.  They weren't met to match, but possibly to coordinate color wise?  This is before firing.  The one with the dots and waves, and birds/arrow things should be a deep gold background with brown and dark gray-blackish design.  The 2nd one should be shades of brown and dark dark green with black dots.  Not sure when I'll see the finished results, as she will need to pick them up later this week after firing and at some point get them to me...via mail or something.  Here's my last dabble, wasn't girls wkend, but she and I were painting pottery while on vacation.
 This is more my style.  Finally got the awesome green sweater for my Darling Daughter started.  I cast on the plane trip there and worked just a bit on it during the wkend.  Was able to do a little on the return flight as well.  Several more inches of the basic garter stitch remain which is the trim section of the kimono style sweater.  Then I'll switch needle sizes and get into the pattern stitch.  Believe this will be a traveling companion on my up coming trip to CA.
I told she, DD had mad skills with painting pottery!  She drew this free hand in a deep curved bowl.  I couldn't draw that on a flat piece of paper.  Again this is pre-firing and the colors afterwards will be navy blue background, and a bright gold and yellow flower with shading and leaves.  She made 2 of these.  Both bowls are navy on the outside.  Really anxious to see this done.  All the things she's made have turned out so well.  Here's our projects On a previous Girls Time(this was my first, something happened we never got our pieces after they were fired.  No loss probably on my piece, but here's was really nice.

AND yet another vacation where we painted pottery together

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