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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Stuffed Chicken and Wine Pairings

 Wine pairings, a work in progress.  What...no yarn?  One of the cool Christmas gifts we got from our Darling Daughter was a box of wine pairings for each of us.  My box was all Pinot Noir while hubby's wine tasting pairings were mixed reds.  You get 6 cute little bottles like this in each box.  We've been selecting one from each box that by description seems to go with what we're having for dinner.  We have special wine tasting glasses that are appropriately small and fun to use.  We get a card that tells about each of the wines in our boxes.  As we taste them we pick a favorite each time from the 2.  So far 2 from my box and 1 from his have been selected.
It's fun, and nice way to try wines you're un-familiar with.  Sorry this picture is on a bit of an angle.  The night we had stuffed chicken our pairs were suppose to go well with Duck.  That was as close as I could get.  A fabulous spinach salad, fresh green beans season with almond slices, and experimental stuffed chicken. 

Experimental?  Well, I hadn't made it before, and it was not made from a recipe per sey. 
I had 2 chicken breasts thawing, when I also took out a bag of ham to thaw (intending the ham to be for lunch sandwiches....from my Honey Baked Christmas Ham).  Nosing around in the fridge and noticed I had some swiss cheese.  So.....placed sliced ham, cheese and spicy brown mustard between the 2 chicken breasts.  Couldn't find appropriate string to tie, and all my toothpicks were plastic.  Hum......how to keep together to cook it as stuffed chicken?  More nosing around in the fridge and came up with a pastry shell.  Pillsbury intended for baked brie.  Sooooooo, wrapped the pastry the chicken and sealed it.  Was gorgeous.  Cooked covered wtih foil and meat probe.  Chicken tasted wonderful, and the pastry got nicely golden brown.  It was a big hit!  Should have taken a picture before we sliced and placed on our plates.

Soooo my wip continues with wine pairings, though the stuffed chicken is now a FO, lol.
AND work continues on Sea and Sand. *posting a bit early, will hop over for linky's tomorrow

Looking for more yarn news? (check out my pay it forward post on a new blog), cause as some point.....that will be a work in progress.


  1. Oh you are so lucky you live in a state that allows you to receive alcohol! For some states it is illegal to send it, no wine of the month clubs! Isn't it wonderful when a food experiment comes out really well?

  2. Actually DD had to have it sent to her Missouri and her roommate help get it here. Ohio has allowed some things. But, she also had a really cool thing sent from Scotland and Ohio won't let that happen.

  3. That is a totally cool gift idea! And your food is making me hungry. Liquor laws! What can you do??? CHEERS!


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