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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Counting rows and Stitches, but...

 More sections done.  I have 4 left to do on this feather and fan afghan.  You're probably tired of seeing it, I'm getting a bit tired of working on it too.  Below is the next variegated sections, then tan, another variegated and the final dark gray and it will be done!  However,
there are still the tails to work in, launder and block it before it's really done.  I'm probably going to lay Sea and Sand aside again for awhile and continue working on Iris and Lillies Ghan.  Plus I have a friend who's mother isn't well and I need to make something green for her.  I'm thinking a shall.  I need something I can get done and in the mail to France quickly, as we don't know how much time she has left.

And I promised some squares for another friend who's making a comfort ghan for someone in need.  It's a secret so can't say more about it or show you anything.

Making progress with the ghans on my list for YOP, but not much on the other items.  Links in the tab across the top of the blog, join us.  We blog and share on Sunday's. AND my first Let's Get Social on Sunday Blog Post.  Badge and links in meme tab across the top of the blog.

AND because I'm pretty sure I'm boring you with looking at this same ghan over and over...will offer a LINK HERE of my newest blog...it's very new and desperately in need of visitors, comments, and followers.   Perhaps that will break up the boredom. 


  1. Sandy, beautiful work! I'm a quilter and often wish I could have a project going at the end of EACH hand! Then I'd either crosstitch or crochet, too!
    I love the way you support so many worthy charities.
    And thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I did wonder about those dizzying hearts! On the 14th, they're gone! lol

  2. I don't make many ghans, as they are so time consuming, but your Sand and Sea looks great..

  3. Thank you J and Gracey for the visits and comments, sure appreciate it.

  4. I'm not at all tired of Sea and Sand, although perhaps that's because I'm not the one crocheting it :)

    Sounds like you have lots on your plate. Good luck with the shawl. I'll be looking forward to seeing the pattern you pick and how it works up!

  5. I think our afghan is beautiful and am also not tired of seeing it. It is a real work of art!

  6. I love how your sea and sand is coming together and it will soon be done. I can appreciate how your wanting it done but I'm not tired seeing it. :)

  7. It is looking lovely. I love a feather and fan!

  8. It's still absolutely beautiful, can't wait to see it finished!

  9. Hi Sandy,

    Your crochet afghan is gorgeous! It takes real talent to create these beautiful blankets. Thank you for stopping to visit me from Faith's blog. Happy Valentine's Day!


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