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Friday, January 09, 2009

TGIF and then some!

WOW........what a week. Work was tough this week, soooooooooo happy I have today off. Worked some long and late hours this. Heading to the chiropracter soon which is much needed and will make me feel better.

Hasn't been a super productive week, yarn wise. I did get those 4 scarfs done and off to my daughter, I did search for mitten patterns both for knitting and crocheting. Started the knitted one yesterday, and wasn't happy with it; thought it about last night..check size again this am...nope, not gonna work. Just pulled it off the needles to be frogged. Sigh Started a hexagon sweater the other day I think it's next in line to be frogged (it's crocheted)...not liking the feel of it with the yarn I'm using and hook size...might revert to my tested pattern and try this new one again later. I did manage to make an infant sweater using the tried and true pattern I like so much, though I need to tuck ends and sew on a button. It's the blue sweater pictures above. I love the blue varigated and am sad to be at the end of it. Bought a bundle of it a few years back when it was on a super sale. It's nice Caron yarn and I've used in lots of differnt projects, (little boys hats, a ghan for a little one who lost his grandmother, scarfs etc.). Think it was called denim.

One of my goals for this year was to try and learn some new things with knitting and crochet, try new patterns etc. Thus my quest to knit mittens above. Haven't yet thrown in the towel, believe I'll try the pattern again with larger needles then suggested and see if I get the result I need...not right now though. Gotta lower the frustration level by making something I know how to do. lol Might though try the crocheted pattern I found for mittens. I really want to get some mittens done for The Bridge Project.

Been a SUPER DUPER SUPERCALAFRAGALISTIC week for donations for The Bridge Project. Please hop over to the blog and look around at the wonderful items people have made and sent. Some are knitted, some are crocheted, many sizes to cover a variety of people. How truly heart warming to know so many people care about their fellow man. This has indeed been the highlight of my week. HUGS and THANKS to all.

**still searching though for good, fast and easy mitten patterns. Please post them if you got some, or email me at sandycrochet@gmail.com


  1. Sad when we have to frog but we have all been there a time or two. I did it with a scarf yesterday and it hurts when you think of the time you put into it. But you will find the right pattern and yarn to fit your needs. Don't give up.

  2. Ghost is right. We have ALL been there. We don't like to do it but, sometimes it's necessary. Like me and Homespun. lol I will get something made with it yet.

  3. I don't know if you've been over to the Ravelry group recently, but Zort and I have both posted some links to free mitten patterns. Keep looking - you'll find the right pattern!

  4. You ask me about the pattern I used for the mittens. I found the site, here it is
    Don't stop trying.

  5. We are using the same pattern Thereses, thanks for checking for me.
    I'll hop over to Rav. Priscilla, thanks for the heads up.

  6. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my Blogger blog. I am (was, have been, whatever) a knitter and crocheter. It's like a dying art or something. Not only that, but I also (not right now) raised angora bunnies, plucked them, spun the angora (carded with real silk), created the baby items, and even dyed them! I'm not so fond of knitting any longer, as carpal tunnel gets me. But crocheting still works. I've made all (but one--I feel terrible! but too late now) of my 9 grandchildren their baby sweater, hat, and blanket sets.
    You are WAY out of my league, I'm afraid. My father taught me how to knit when I was a child. I made my baby sister a baby sweater. I taught myself how to crochet.
    What fun to meet you. Stop by anytime, but please know that my Blogger isn't kept up very well. Mostly I post on HSB, but I'm trying to do it on BOTH, for those who find commenting on blogger is easier. Like you, I TRY to comment back to any comments. It's only courteous, and yes it is fun to make new friends. I've discovered that the human heart has sort of an unlimited ability to make new friends, although of course they are not intimate friends. :-)

    Here is the latest sweater set I made for DD's baby #6:

    Here is the link for pictures of my spinning wheel and some angora projects.

    And I'd love to meet your SinL! If she writes kids' books, perhaps she should consider a blog written by her characters. I have one. Does she have a website? Send link please! :-)

  7. Oops. Forgot to paste the link. Sorry. Sometimes I'm an idiot blogger:


  8. Cute sweater!! :) Ew, I hate it when patterns don't work out right. It took me a long time to find some bootie patterns that I liked... I haven't tried making gloves or mittens before. If you find a good free crochet one pass it along :)

  9. I am jealous that you got to go to your Chiro! Hope it worked for you and you are feeling better.


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