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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Allow me please to introduce

Jan. Jan is my SIL. We've known each other for years and years. We graduated from high school together, were in English together, did Candy-Striping at the Hospital together. And, um...we even cut school together! lol So, you see we were fast friends before she and my older brother got together, though they did date in high school.

Jan is a published childrens' author, she does writing clinics and seminars for adults and children. She's very new to the world of blogging and has just very recently started a blog. She'd love some visitors to make things more fun and to help spread the word. She's interesting in helping teachers, and students. Perhaps you'd like some ideas yourself about things to do with your children, or grandchildren. Please stop in for a visit and introduce yourself to her, ask for ideas on an activity. Jan is a team member on The Bridge Project,and is my connection to Rae. You can find her here.

Finished up another scarf for my daughter, Chrissy last night (she's still giving them out there in Baltimore). This is another of the fun Light and Lofty, and is knitted. And so, in my ABC quest...this is C...a bit of a cheat perhaps as the item doesn't start with C, but hey it's going to Chrissy and that starts with C. lol


  1. Thanks for the link to Jan's blog. Great idea and she'll have tons of fun blogging and meeting new people with similar interests.

  2. Hi Sandy,

    Thanks for checking in with me!

    I'm going to try to update my blog every Sunday night with FOs...I need to get things in gear if I'm going to even get close to reaching my goal :)

    I would very much like to cuddle the scarves you've made. They all look so soft and wonderful!

  3. Thanks, Sandy. As usual, you're awesome. And...drum roll please...I got here all by myself!!!

  4. I love your blog
    Here are better links
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    Thanks again for your help.
    Keep in touch be leaving a comment at either blog

  5. Jan's blog looks really interesting. We have a teen writer's group at the library I work at, so I will pass Jan's blog info along to the teen librarian. It might give her some good ideas for her group.

    The scarf looks so soft and pretty!

  6. Very nice scarf. I love the blended colors.

  7. Beautiful scarf...looks so nice and warm :)

  8. Hi Sandy. I finally got a blog here:
    and I still pretty much blog on my msn. I just occasionally put a family blog up, its going to be a historical scrapbook blog. I'll be back here again to catch up with you. Its been way too long.

  9. I pass your SIL's blog on over to my sister as she is into the writing stuff:)
    I am also checking with minnisoda to see if I can get the pattern for you:)


  10. Oh, Mom :)

    You're so adorable. Scarf arrived a-okay, think it's going to Elisabeth, she's been sick for the last two days though and I don't want to give it to her while she's germy.

    Love you!


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