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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Clicking glasses together, TOAST!

wine lunchOne for me and one for you! See, I really am handing it across the table to her. Take a look and you'll see, one for me and one for Jan, my SIL.
Jan and wineWe had lunch outdoors, little cool; but we were determined to catch a ray of sun if it showed itself we didn't want to miss the opportunity. This was a couple of weeks ago after we'd gone for a massage. You can tell it's still plenty cool; she's wearing a jacket, and I've got on a vest.

Lunch is always an adventure for us. We don't get to do this often; and it seems funny things always happen when we do; so it truly is an adventure.

I usually have my camera in my purse, and it's a good thing..........cause look what we saw. Grabbed my camera quickly....and HERE YOU GO. (psssssssss click on here you go).


  1. It was a fine lunch and massage!! What a relaxing day!!!

  2. You both look to me like your having an awsome time.
    Isn't it so fun to have a friend, and take some time to share good times with?
    Your smiles are both so beautiful.
    The photo shows what words cannot.
    Your both soooo cute.

  3. You two look fabulous!

    That's great you both had sweet bonding moments. :D


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