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Sunday, April 25, 2010

WOW MOM, The Wisteria

Purple WisteriaWisteria

Took these photo's about a week ago at my folks house. Mom LOVED these Wisteria plants. Year after year it was a source of concern and pride for both my folks. Mom would worry so about them being ruined. Our weather here in central Ohio is soooooooooo unpredicatable. The Wisteria would show blooms in early spring then we'd get a frost and they'd be gone and she'd be extremely upset. She spotted these plants I think on a trip to Williamsburg many years ago and then they decided to plant some.

There have been years when through their worry, Dad would hook up umbrella's around them to protect them from the frost. I even remember one year she talked so much about how many blossoms they had and how anxious she was for them to bloom; he hooked up a light bulb to provide heat for these treasured plants of hers.

And this year, I feel Mom's presence there. The Wisteria have never been prettier, or more full of blooms. They smell heavenly and are loaded with lots of honey bees pollinating. Pollinate away bees, Mom would certainly approve. On the anniversary of her death, I enjoyed some quiet time with Daddy, a glass of wine and Mom's beautiful Wisteria.

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  1. These are truly beautiful. Much care and love has went into these over the years..and now they also comfort.....thank you for sharing...they are lovely

  2. what beautiful flowers and memories.

  3. Breathtaking! A beautiful way to celebrate you mom's life.

  4. I'm sure you brought a sweet moment or two into your Dad's day as well.


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