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Sunday, October 27, 2013

It's for Me and Mine

 Please disregard the scary face, it's not meant to look like Halloween; but the previous face had faded so I attempted to draw one...egads, truly no talent there.  This is the completed hood/cowl I've been working on.  First I'm pleased to say it fits, which is always a chore for something small enough to fit my child sized head...but I think it needs one more section to be long enough to work well as a hood.
 Alternating sections of garter and purl gives you these rolls.
 Wearing it as a cowl would certainly keep your neck nice and warm.
 Here you can see the side view, the sections, and how stretchy it is; but you can also see how a bit more length on the back to keep the neck warm would be an improvement.

So, this is my first selfish knitting for YOP and it will be warm and stay on, so all in all a successful project.  I would add one more section next time I make one though.  And for folks with regular adult sized heads I would suggest using larger needles or adding to the cast on. I think the sizing on her pattern is a bit lacking.

Sorta selfish knitting project here is a green kimono style sweater.  I say sorta selfish because it's not for my charity as 99.9% of the items I knit and or crochet are.  It's for my DD...so while it's not for me, it's for my family.  Actually........terribly late.  Started this last near years as a belated Christmas present......and as I do far too often put it aside while doing my charity stitching.  I am really going to try and get this finished.  I'm about 5 inches from finishing the back which is largest piece.  I purposely started with the largest piece thinking I'd feel I really had made headway that way.

It's Sunday, what's everyone working on with regard to your YOP list?

I must shift gears and get busy assembling some afghans again too.  I've just not been as productive with yarn in recent months, having gotten involved in research for multiple family trees for folks.


  1. I used to do bits with family trees - so interesting. Love the colour of the cowl and the sweater :-)

  2. Oo, having a head like that to try things on looks really nifty! Nice work on the cowl too :)

  3. Very nice looking sweater! I am sure your DD will love it.

  4. So cute! I loved wearing and making cowls when I lived in Ohio. Your's is great!

  5. I love cowls so why haven't I made one yet? I love yours as it fits a little closer which is what I want. Some hang way down but it's my neck that gets cold! LOL! And to be out and about and be able to pull it up into a hat is great....perfect cowl IMHO.
    The green is so pretty. I can't wait to see the finished sweater. Glad to see you taking a bit of yarn time for yourself.

  6. You can be selfish. I'm sure you are a generous, thoughtful person who does more for others than yourself.
    The green of the kimono garment is wonderful. The scrunchy cowl looks like a snuggle.

  7. Aknitwitcake thanks for the visit, I too find family trees fascinating. Thanks Ylva the head is helpful, I just need to improve on the facial mess I made; but am not sure how to go about it.

    Thanks Christine for your kinds words, much appreciated. Her name is Christine too by the way.

    Jeannie when and where did you live in Ohio? They are nice because they stay in place.

    Thanks Sam I am for the encouragement. You too Kepanie, it's helping to nudge me forward.

  8. Scary stuff, lol.........fabulous cowl though, I love the colour and it looks so cosy..........it's always nice to partake of a little selfish knitting from time to time...........personally I think I'm due a new sweater on my needles after all the knitting for the grandsons is now finished!

  9. Really love the hood and so glad to see some selfish knitting in and your daughter is going to love her sweater.


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