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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Art, wearable Art

custome jacketThis is the jacket I bought at this years art festival. I really liked it when I got it in the summer; but now that's it's cool and jacket season....I don't know. Put it on to go to dinner the other night and it just didn't seem right. I loved the big buttons and the way the collar folds down like a big cowl; but the rounded scooped cut of the jacket made me feel like it should be on someone smaller, or at the very least someone without a stomach. Love the fun colors, the circles and squares; but....wondering if this would fit my niece. Looks good I think with snazzy jeans with the blues.

Purchased it from the same lady I had purchased from before and her sewing is so nice, am disappointed that it just doesn't seem right to me now.

Chipping away at a scarf for DD, a scarf for my niece, two ghans for Faith Mission through Bridge and Beyond. Looking forward to DD arriving for Thanksgiving. Hubby and I tried to purchased a new washer and dryer today; but looks like it will be on sale on Black Friday. Groan....I usually avoid all shopping on that day; but...it's a good price break. So, think that's our current plan.

Hope you all have a good week end.


  1. Great looking jacket. It shouts "let's have fun"!!! However, I'm with you as I try to buy things that will camouflage my disappearing waistline.

  2. Agree with your assessment Joansie. My SIL is going to take a look and see if she thinks it will work for my niece. I'll have my daughter take a look at me wearing it too when she gets home for Thanksgiving, get her input. I've enjoyed so much the previous years jacket.

  3. Have you tried wearing your jacket over a longer coordinating shirt or turtleneck...that seems to be the fashion --rather than tucked in?

  4. Hakucho, I haven't...hadn't thought about that, but you are right you see that alot. Have to give it a try. Thanks for the suggestion, appreciate it.


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