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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Adding Green to the Ghan

Dumped out, sorted, rolled, organized Green. Wow...look at all the shades of green. We've got lime green, Christmas Green, several shades of olive green, Forest Green, minty greens, almost black greens. Some almost look blue depending on what you place it next too. I followed the pink procedure and pulled out the small balls of green and have continued.

corner to corner knitted afghanThe pictures a bit blurry, sorry bout that. Still have more green to add; but making good progress. Depending on how much green there is, the decrease might start after the green. Kinda fun using up the small balls of yarn this way and seeing the way the colors show up next to each other. This will go to Faith Mission for Bridge and Beyond.


  1. Great way to use up odds and ends :)

  2. Hi Sandy! What a great giving thing! Love the hoody blanket... this one is gonna be cool too.
    Hope you're havin a great week!

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  4. Great stash buster!


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