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Monday, March 19, 2012

Blocking Blue Jazz

Blue Jazz in the works here, as some saw it on Wed. The colors are more true in this picture, though I did make a few square changes in the finished project below.
Not sure why this picture isn't as good. I may move it later and re-photograph it; it's in a location I don't typically use for photo's....perhaps it's a lighting thing? But, it's wet and currently being blocked, so don't want to pick it up now and move it. Lots of different sized squares, some rectangles, some knitted, some crocheted. Took lots of edging to bring this one together so it really needed blocked...more so then some of the ghans of late. Used about double the amount of yarn I usually do in the edging, joining, and bordering.

Have picked out a shrug pattern I want to make for myself (not on the YOP list), but it calls for bulky #5 weight yarn. Says it should measure 15 x 54, using a size 10 needle is suggested. While I don't think it's necessary to swatch for something like a shawl...I'm wondering...I want to use DK weight yarn (merino), probably size 7/8 needles...in my mind, I can't determine if my item will be larger or smaller? I've not substituted yarn before knitting. Thoughts? I bought the yarn for a specific pattern, then found a pattern I liked better

The afghan is the only think I've worked on this past week, therefore the only change to the list. YOP list on tab across the top of the blog, with badge and link in right sidebar.


  1. All that work for the border has certainly paid off - the blanket looks lovely. Perhaps there's more detail in the top photo because of stronger, more angled light?

    Using DK in place of bulky is quite a stretch, your garment would end up very small and/or very flimsy fabric. Unless you're thinking of holding the DK double which should bring your effective yarn weight back up to at least aran although you'd be using twice as much yarn. I'd definitely recommend swatching to see what's best.

  2. Thanks Minding My Own Stitches, appreciate your great info. I think I best rethink which pattern and which yarn.

  3. I concur w/Minding My Own Sts!
    That's a big jump in weight. Perhaps you could mosey on down to your LYS and find a bulky weight yarn you like?

  4. Though I don't have any experience with knitting, I would think it would be the same regarding the yarn. I agree with the others, from chunky to DK is a considerable difference in yarn and your item would be smaller. You could perhaps make adjustments in your cast on and such. I don't know. Maybe if you did make a swatch it would give you a better idea. Is it rectangular?

  5. First, I must tell you that I love the names you give each afghan. I am really bad at naming things, so I always look forward to that part of your posts!

    Ok, on to the shawl. I agree with what has been said, but would add that you will need at least 3, if not 4, strands of DK yarn to be equivalent to bulky. But remember that when you add strands, the fabric becomes stiffer. So a shawl made with 4 strands of DK will be much stiffer than a shawl made with one strand of bulky, so you should definitely swatch and see if you still like the drape. Good luck!

  6. Your finished blanket is beautiful .Love the blues....won't that make somebody very happy?

    Perhaps you can use a double stand of yarn? I've done that before as a substitution...

  7. That afghan is beautiful--such a work of art--something that will surely offer comfort to someone in need!


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