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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ipads, Reading and eBooks

I got an ipad a few months back as a birthday gift from my DH.  I'm still feeling very much like a newbie at it; but am enjoying having it.  Normally I don't read all that much ....beyond knitting or crochet patterns, or blogs...lots of blogs; but since getting the ipad have found I read more then I did before.

Why?  Maybe it's the novelty of the gadget...if so, no doubt that will wear off at some point.  Maybe it's the ease of having things at your finger tips.  You don't have to go to the book store, you don't have to go to the library.  In fact you can spend 10 minutes or less and look through what Amazon has to offer pretty quickly.  I narrowed my search to free or $0.99 cent books, then selected a genre I like wow......the number of offerrings is pretty staggering.  Then through Amazon, I saw something called Book Bub.  It's even better.  You don't have to know what you're looking for, or who the author is.  Again you plug in a few things, like how much you want to spend and what genre's you like and each day in your email box you get a notice of 2-4 books...Generally I've gotten 3.  There's a snipet about the book and how much it costs you click buy or not.  You don't need to buy a certain number of books in a certain time frame like a book club.  Selecting books couldn't be easier.  Once you click in your email, you're taken to your amazon page, where you click buy with one click...AND you are DONE!

Each time you turn on your ipad or Kindle or other e-reader the bok loads and you're ready.

The above book is one I recently finished.  I paid 0.99 cents for this book; not the normal price but it was the special of the day.......another advantage of Book Bub.

Have you read this book?  I'll be doing a review, prbably in several different blog posts, as there is much to discuss about this book.  Please join me.  Its a serious topic, one that needs to get attention and truly needs to be discussed.

Though in my last post I mentioned I joined a new blog challenge, that has gone by the wayside.  I'm trying to get back into blogging with more regularity and that challege wasn't going to do it for me.


  1. I have a Kindle, so I know what you mean about convenience. I love looking through the free books offered from Amazon. I'll have to look for that one; I know it won't be free but I'm always looking for good books.

  2. My mom just introduced me to BookBub this weekend. Man oh man, my Kindle is gonna fill up quick!!

  3. I stopped blogging when I got my IPad. I discovered that Google and Apple hated each other and it was next to impossible with the app that I found. I think things have changed some since then but I am back to blogging with my new Mac (what a transition from windows...sigh!) Glad you are enjoying it. So many great apps for IPad. If you have not discovered Flipboard....check it out.

  4. Thanks all for the visits, and comments, both are appreciated. Hope if you read the book you'll swing back by. Joansie...so nice to see you again.


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