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Friday, May 09, 2014

Why I love Friday

Late to the challenge as I didn't know about this one til after the month started.  I was visiting through my Travel Blog, Traveling Suitcase where I just finished the annual A-Z Blog Challenge for April.  I had so much material from a recent trip to Spain, I decided to continue blogging a-z May with my Travel Blog.
Probably nuts trying to do another one; but this blog has been very quiet of late and so I thought it might help to kick start it again.
Here are the prompts...and though it's Friday...it's evening so am really getting into late.
  1. I love that's Friday, that's it's the end of the work week, and hubby and I can spend more time together and things are more relaxed.
  2. I love that this Friday, I made my step goal (through fitbit), AND I got my first 50 mile badge on fitbit.
  3. We always have Martini's on Friday (glasses are in the freezer and will be nice and chilled.
  4. I love that this Friday I had a much needed massage.  Thank you Frank!I
  5.  love that I bought a dress for $8.00  at a re-sale shop today on a whim, had a few minutes to spare before the massage and decided to look around, the shop was just a few doors down from Massage Envy.
Click the badge and join in.  Here's the list of prompts.
Day 9, Friday:  5 things you love on a Friday.
Day 10, Saturday: A fashion, beauty or life tip.
Day 11, Sunday:  Go for a photo walk.  (It’s a walk where you take lots of great photos and share them.)
Day 12, Monday:  Tell us how your blog got its name (and tagline).
Day 13, Tuesday: Write a poem or piece of creative prose.
Day 14, Wednesday: Make us laugh.  Share a funny story or picture.
Day 15, Thursday: Create or share a poster, card or artwork that shares a message that inspires you.
Day 16, Friday: Blogging is about sharing the love.  Tell us about 5 blogs that you love reading regularly.
Day 17, Saturday: A day in the life.  Photo journal your day today.
Day 18, Sunday: 10 things that make you happy.
Day 19, Monday: Dream job?
Day 20, Tuesday: Who inspires you?
Day 21, Wednesday: What’s on your plate?
Day 22, Thursday: Share a video clip that you are loving at the moment.  It could be as simple as a song on YouTube or an inspirational speaker on TED Talks.
Day 23, Friday: Write a post about a particularly good or controversial comment someone left you.
Day 24, Saturday: If you could have 3 people to dinner tonight, who would you invite?
Day 25, Sunday: A list for the week ahead.
Day 26, Monday: Invite someone to guest post for you.
Day 27, Tuesday: Share a project you’ve been working on.
Day 28, Wednesday: Family.  What do you love?  Best traits? What crazy genetics do you have in common?  Fave photo?
Day 29, Thursday: What have you said ‘yes’ to today?
Day 30, Friday: Best advice you’ve received lately.
Day 31, Saturday: Gratitude.
So, will you join me? Go on, you wouldn’t …
PS. There will also a grab button available for you to display on your blog to tell everyone that you are trying to complete the challenge.  (Better still, at the end of the challenge, I’ll give you a button that tells everyone that you’re awesome and you did it. High five!)

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