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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Working Away on Wednesday

Wow, it's Wednesday again. Seems I've fallen behind with these regular mimi's of late. This cable scarf is coming right along. In fact I've worked on it more since taking this photo the other day. I love the yarn, both texture and color. I'm pleased with my progress making the cables. This is the 2nd item I've made using cables. First was a difficult washcloth....cotton not a good thing to start with since there's no give to it. My concern is...I'm going to run out of yarn. Bought this some time ago and trying to match it...not possible; plus somewhere along the line I pitched the wrapper and couldn't begin to know what the number was. It's also a bit more narrow then I like. I would add a 3rd cable if I did this again. In fact the pattern on RAV, only showed one cable and was a real skinny scarf. This measures just about 4 inches wide. Assume It will grow a wee bit when blocked?
Slowly it's coming along. My first ever one piece knitted afghan. Knitting is so much slower then crocheting; but I am enjoying working on this. I previously made a scarf using the feather and fan and decided a ghan was the way to go. You see the pattern so much more. My problem is, I keep changing the design in terms of how much of this color and that color, because I'm using donated and stashed yarn and well, it truly is a work in progress. I thought I finally had it figured out, and the last variegated yarn was to be the middle....which would mean I'm now working on the 2nd half. I'm not totally sure it's going to be large enough. See, what you think. Sooo, I may have to check my stash again for like the 3rd or 4th time. Pretty sure though I don't have anything appropriate....to have a middle, I needed an odd number of the variegated, sooooooooooo...we'll see. I do think I may need to lay this aside though and work on some other projects. I always name my afghans, and this one is titled, Sand and Sea. I can't take credit for it, the name I mean. One of my fellow bloggers suggested it.
I'm continuing to work everyday on earning points through superpoints. The points are converted to amazon gift cards. After shopping for myself and obtaining awesome needle holders, and a yarn organizer; I've been able to donate my gift cards to my daughter. Like me she's working hard everyday earning points and converting to gift cards through amazon. She's uses them to purchase text books for her students in need in the inner city of St. Louis. If you can help us by joining.........we would surely appreciate it. To join 3 easy peazy steps
  1. click the button and fill out the 4 little lines, name etc
  2. verify your email addy
  3. fill out your little profile/post a photo
That's all there is to it! You've now earned points, and so have we. Our points are going for a good cause. Your points give you the ability to save for gifts, shop for yourself and more. You get 30 spins daily to win. I've NEVER not won something. So, once you've finished those 3 little quick steps to join...take a couple of minutes and do your 30 spins. If you plan to do more then spin (ie. play games, shop, clip coupons, do surveys), do set up a 2nd email account so the extra email you get won't get jumbled into your personal regular account. It's just easier that way.

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  1. I agree with you that knitting is slower than crochet. Yours is looking good.


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