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Monday, January 09, 2012

Unknitting on Monday

Liberty Lace........argh. I've put this scarf aside now for the 3rd time. Pick it up do a section, put it away. Bottom line.............I don't like these colors. I'm wondering what in the world they would go with. Here's what the scarf look liked before the Unknitting took place. Unknitting, negative knitting are words I've come across lately in place of the very well known....frogging it. See the ball on the left, those are the colors I thought I was getting when I purchased the yarn. I didn't know there was purple, or yellow or green.

Now, the question is...........what to do with the yarn. It's lovely wool, DK weight, has a fabulous feel to it. Not sure, but wonder..........what different stitch would make the yarn look prettier? Knitting lengthwise would the color blocks be more acceptable? They'd be smaller groups of the colors, right? Maybe nothing but knitting this on large needles lenthwise would be the answer? Or just plain garter stitch with regular sized needles? Thoughts?

In the meantime, needed a no counting project to tote with....so this is in the works.
First thought was to strip this, sorta a version of scarlet and gray (Buckeye colors). But, as I continued to working, the gray has such suttle changes in shades, doing sections one might not see the blend from dark to light and in between. Leaning towards one gray scarf and one reddish vs the 2 colors together. Opinions?


  1. Sorry about the unknitting. :( That's always frustrating.

    I think that one red and one gray would work better than the two striped. I agree that you don't want to lose the richness of the gray with the bright red right next to it.

  2. Very frustrating! I do think that some yarn has a mind of it's own and finding the right pattern is some times hard. I wonder if a lengthwise linen type stitch might work or perhaps a slip stitch pattern....that might mix up the colors a little bit. Good luck :)

  3. I love the colors of the yarn, I really want to learn how to knit, it is hard? I wanted to do my own scarf. Anyway dropping here from Entrecard. Have a good day!

    Everyday Fish

  4. I feel your pain at unknitting. I just posted a blog today on my project that I've been working on and off for several months and decided it was a do over.

    I like the idea of knitting a long width instead of short blocks, but if your really don't like the colors, why not just sell or trade it and make something you love? Life is short!


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