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Friday, January 13, 2012

Family Christmas Quilts

This is perhaps a bit of cheat post, in that this finished object was made years ago. I made this (my first quilt) for Mom who loved Poinsettia's. From looking back through family Christmas Pictures, it seems it was probably made sometime before 2002; though I can't say for certain. It's not a traditional quilt pattern, in that the pieces weren't cut to any specification, nor was it stitched in known quilt pattern. I cut pieces basically the size I wanted (actually thinking back I don';t think I cut them at all, I believe I tore them...based on what an elderly quilt maker told me). I hand sewed the pieces together, used solid red for the backing with batting in-between and green basis tape for the edge. I used a circle quilt frame.
Mom always put it out as part of her Christmas decorations. The last couple of years, since Mom's death it stayed in it's zippered bag. This year I mentioned it to Dad, and after Christmas he gave it back to me to use and enjoy. The stitching/quilting portion was done around all edges of the separate pieces, a Zig zag was used on the red striped which you can see, I did x on some of the squares. Basically each different fabric had a different design in terms of stitching. The Poinsettia's were all stitched around to make them pop a bit.

The year (whatever year it was), after making this quilt I made one for my 2 brothers and their families. My older brother always liked Norman Rockwell and I use a famous Rockwell Christmas print for the center of his quilt, though I didn't take a picture of it. Need to ask him to do so. My younger brother and his wife, love blue and Olde Time Village Christmas decorations so this is the one I made for them. I was able to photograph it as part of their traditional Christmas Decorations several years ago.

Mike & Dee Christmas QuiltI always intended to make one for myself, but never quite got around to it. I do believe I still have fabric somewhere. Perhaps one day I'll find the fabric and make one for my DD. There are nice to display year after year. I'll now be able to do that with the one I made Mom and Dad.

**Since most who visit this blog are crafters (knitters, crocheters, quilters etc.), could I ask that you scroll back to the previous post. Would love some insight, thoughts etc. on repairing an antique afghan.**


  1. Found your site through Tami's Amis but I have to say your blog touches my heart. I lost my mom in November and to see someone else talk about their so much gives me strength. Thank You.

  2. Tami, I've found it very therapeutic and healing to talk about Mom. My tab on the top of the blog has alphabetical memories which I started soon after I lost her. You might enjoy/find helpful to do something similar.

  3. I do believe I know you via creatingthehive.com. didn't realize that until I visited ravelry and recognized your photo.

  4. Hi Sara,
    I recognize you too from The Hive. I'm following you there. Thanks for the visit.

  5. Love the quilts. I don't sew much myself but, my mother does a lot of that sort of work.

  6. Your quilts are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them with us. It's nice to have sentimental decorations that you put out every year. Very special indeed :)

  7. Those are so lovely! Many of my friends sew but I've never learned. I think maybe I should pick it up some day. I bet I would have fun with the fabric prints - I love the pointsettia one.


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