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Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Knitting, Master Piece Theater, Romance and Physical Therapy

Making headway with The Learning Logs Afghan.  Have added about 10 sections since the last picture.  This afghan has what I call 3 zones.  The center...zone 1 where colorwork was done.  Knitting with 2 or 3 colors at one time using the slip stitch method.  I did this square as a class project.

Zone 2 has lots of texture with the solid colors represented in the color work in zone 1.  Zone 3.......is strictly garter stitch to help the whole afghan lay flat, and I  continue to use colors represented in zone 1 and 2.  Closing in I think.  Last I measured it, believe it was about 53-54 inch square.  Have probably enough yarn left for 2 more sections.  Imagine the finished ghan will be 56-57...maybe close to 60 inches after it's laundered and blocked.  The colors are more vivid than the pictures shows.  This seems a bit light to me, not sure why.  But, if you scroll back to the previous post the colors look more natural to me.

Just finished watching Victoria, on Master Piece Theater.  Season one is included with Amazon Prime Membership, but season two requires a membership to Master Piece Theater.  I joined and got a 7 day free trial.  I was able to watch season 3 of Poldark (see previous post for pictures and info), and then season 2 of Victoria with my 7 day trial.  Need to see if there's anything else I want to watch before my free time ends.
This photo seems to show quite a resemblance between the real Queen Victoria and the actress.  Was surprised to see this, as other pictures I've seen of Victoria didn't show her to be a very handsome woman.  Quite a love story.  She and Alfred were very passionate, and their marriage was't really an arranged marriage which is a bit unusual for Royalty.

Started physical therapy yesterday for my broken foot and will be going twice a week for maybe the next 8 weeks.  Therapist informed me that the bone I broke is the slowest healing bone in your foot.  So, apparently it's good I spent time today updating my watch list for both Amazon Prime and Netflix.

A Promise
Tulip Fever
The Dutchess
The Patadise

Anyone watch and recommend any of those?

Amazon Prime:
Elizabeth Virgin Queen
Home Fires
The Forsyte Sage
Last Hope
The Grand

Same question, anyone watched any of these or recommend them?


  1. Love your knitting and hope you time with the Physical Therapists (who I have found to be firm believers in pain) goes well.

    1. LOL...nodding in agreement on the pain. Felt a bit out of it yesterday after my session with her; but feeling better today I think. Thanks for visit and compliment on the knitting.

  2. Dear Sandy
    Sorry to hear about the slow recovery time but you will get there eventually! In the meantime, the Forsyte Saga is worth a watch as is Cranford (based on the book by Elizabeth Gaskell and beautifully done with a star cast). I hope you enjoy them.
    Best wishes

    1. Awesome Ellie, and thanks for the recommendation. I saw the cast for Crandford...who doesn't like Judi Dench. Forsyte Saga really called out too. Thanks for swinging by and for the encouragement.

  3. Dear Sandy,

    WooHoo!!! Your post made it to my gmail in box and here I am - just as I promised!! Sounds like I need to back track bit in your blog to see what is going on with your foot. I have been in physical therapy a number of times and I agree on the pain comment. In one session years ago I had one therapist, who after I commented on the pain as opposed to the massage and heat used before the pain (which always felt GREAT) said to me, "Do you want feel-good, feel-good, feel-good, OR do you want to get better?" Ha! Well when you put it THAT way ... bring on the pain!! hahaha. I have been fortunate. My interactions with physical therapy over the years have been productive with good outcomes. Hope yours are too.

    Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival is this weekend and I have a houseful of company coming for the event, but I will be back to my own blog next week. See you then.

    1. Yippee, so glad it worked and so glad you mentioned it to me. Did therapy here yesterday and iced afterwards and did ok. The first session was her doing the testing also, so was a bit much; but will play through and hopefully get back to my walking. MD Sheep and Wool Festival....oooh wish I were going. Sounds awesome. Hope you'll post info and pictures on your blog.

  4. Blah, that stinks that it is the slowest healing bone in the foot. I haven't seen or even heard of any of those listed, guess I'll slink back to my superhero shows now lol

    1. Thanks for the visit Pat, appreciate it. Yeah really, had to be that bone. argh

  5. I have a broke firestick ..which means I have the firestick and added kodi and mobdro and get all tv shows and movies..for free...

    1. I don't know anything about a firestick, or kodi or mobdro. Looks like I need to do some googlling. Thanks Jackiesue

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