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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Pigeon Point LightHouse--Hostelling

Built in 1872, still active though in need of repair and closed to the Public, Pigeon Point Light House--Historic State Park---Hostel.

This lighthouse is 50 miles south of San Francisco, between Half Moom Bay and Santa Cruz on The Beach Road. A rugid 115 feet tall lighthouse. Rooms-hostels- $20.00 a night. This was one of the tallest lighthouses in America, a good place for whale watching, hiking and relaxing. Care to help the preservation effort...there's a campaign to Save the Light.

You can see in all these pictures how cloudy, cool and grey it was while we were on vacation. Surely no need for sun screen, but I hadn't expected to need a hooded sweatshirt and a coat while in sunny California.

Been working on mom's yellow shawl some, alternating with working on the pink and blue baby blanket/bunty. Finding it hard to do work much on either knitting or crocheting with the warm weather. Yarn stitcks to my hands.

Switched last night to working on some squares for a Patriotic Project/Charity. Little of this, little of that.

And now, time to do some ever popular laundry (NOT so popular withe me and some yard work).


  1. Those are some gorgeous pics!

    Regarding Warm Up Winchester, they are not using their blog anymore, but you can find them on Yahoo Groups and/or on Ravelry :)

  2. I enjoy looking at lighthouses. Thanks for sharing the pics! It's a shame it's closed to the public.

  3. I've been enjoying your pictures, Sandy. I grew up in the Bay Area and Half Moon Bay was "our" beach area. It was usually gray and chilly there.

  4. Those are great pictures of the lighthouse. I love the Bay area. It might have been cool and cloudy while you were there, but you should visit in January. While we have snow and ice here, the days are warm and sunny out there. Just lovely!

    To answer your question from yesterday, the Big E is very like a state fair, except that it encompasses all 6 New England states. They have a big fiber arts display, and the items that are submitted are judged and can win ribbons. My crochet guild always goes up on Connecticut day and gives crochet lessons to anyone who is interested. I don't always get to go, but I am going to try to go with them this year. It's a lot of fun.

  5. Lovely! I love visiting all the light houses all along Cape Cod.


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