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Monday, June 30, 2008

California, Here I Come !

Not right back where I started from. But, the song popped into my head. Got back last evening. Spent the day grocery shopping, picking up-opening and sorting mail, and unpacking, doing laundry, doing laundry, doing laundry, and doing laundry. Almost done.
Flew from here to Phoenix, from there onto Palm Desert in a little jet. I've only flown once by myself so this was a big adventure for me.........I WAS nervous!

Hubby was there, had been for a week for his convention and he figured I should spread my wings and come out when he was done; then we'd vacation. Only needed to pay for one airfare that way.

Have only begun with pictures; got em loaded from camera and started sorting them into folders, began editing with day 1.

This is the resort where his convention was and were I joined him for the first night. It was 120. We spent time in the pool with a drink and a few of the people who hadn't yet left, then went to dinner at a Mexican place. Food was Good!

The blue pool is where we spent time, the 2nd pool is on the other side of the hotel and the one we could see from his hotel room balcony. Mountains in the background didn't show up real well, but it's a nice view, golf course, mountains, pool and mountains. Hubby and one of the younger girls that went to dinner with us. Love her big earrings. What fun!

For those that don't know, hubby is an accountant and works for a national office for a sorority, and thus is the only male at the convention of 1,000 women........except for a few husbands of board members.

***I did knit while gone, I started the yellow shawl for my mothers's 80th birthday which is in a couple of weeks. Worked on it both coming and going on the plane. I also started a baby blanket while there, blue and pink while we were in the car driving from place to place.

Hope all are well, hope to get out and visit some blogs a bit tomorrow before work.


  1. That sounds like a great vacation! I used to live in Southern California, and it is beautiful out there (and hot in the desert). It sounds like you really enjoyed yourself.

    Thanks for you post on my blog. I'm still not back to posting because things are still unsettled at work, and having a break from the blog is helping me right now. The deadlines thing came in because the scarf was going to be a gift, but I can't get it done in time, and I was knitting the sock for a class I was teaching to some of my friends on Sunday. I got the sock done to the heel Saturday morning, and then worked on the heel on Sunday. My students all did very well with their heels, and we had a great time knitting together.

  2. Sounds like fun! I love pics so thanks for sharing your adventure. I've never been to California. Good to know you can bring your knitting on the plane.

  3. Hi, and thanks for your comment on my knitting blog!

    The baby sock pattern is very easy to do - most definitely a beginner can do this pattern. It's also a quick knit so you see the results faster than if you were to make an adult sized sock. Before I started knitting socks, I thought they'd be really difficult. They were much easier than I thought. If you're not used to knitting on DPNs, you'll have to adjust (that was my big thing) to using them if you only use 2 needles. Shouldn't take too long for that though. Just remember to pull the stitches tight between needles.

    Hope you'll try the pattern!

  4. Hey Hey Beach girl! I hope the place I stay is a cool as the one you were at. I can't wait! I agree with the picture if Cassidy, those eyes just draw you in don't they. I will tell her to read your comment. Hopefully I will have some family pictures of me and the boys for my blog from our beach trip. We will have to see, you would not believe what I have to do to get a decent picture of them! One of them hates it.

    You will be happy to know that I have started another boggin. Yours with the squares and fuzzy ball on top inspired me. I loved it. Of course, that is beyond me at this point and mine will just be a bowl shape. In camo. Wish me luck with it.

    Close your eyes, remember the beach and imagine the two of us having a magarita on the beach, snacking on strawberries and some hottie cabana boys giving us pedicures!!!!! (and my boys not fighting LOL)


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