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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

And so it continues.

Candy corn has gotten further along. Though more stitching has been done since this picture....it might get frogged. I'm seeing a different vision now in my head..........sometimes I hate it when that happens.

I have 4 of these green squares/rectangles...shapes. Use 2 to make this pair of slippers, I think they would work for a boy....probably grade school age? Unsure where they will be sent. Need to check my charities and see.

Had a stack of 10 little blue squares and have used 8 to make these 4 pair of booties/slippers. Newborn and older (each a little different sized)

These bright bright rainbow type colors were 2 granny squares. Can you imagine trying to put these 2 squares in a ghan of other colors? The lone pink square was knitting, so I unraveled it to use the yarn for the trim on these slippers for a little girl...grade school age. Though I normally like slippers to be solid, I think these will still be nice when one takes off shoes...even if worn over socks feet will be warmer.

Probably sending the booties to Marine Corp Kids, but need to check on the green and multi colored pair to see whats the best spot.

Been working some crazy hours, and so haven't knitted and crocheted as much as I would like this week. Been busy rolling yarn though. A box of mill ends was sent to me, before I can determine what to make, I need to know how much I have and thus the rolling is taking place. To date 185 balls, some smaller than others, but most are about 2-3 inches. I'm not yet done. This is I believe Berroco's Comfort yarn, 50% cotton 50% acrylic. It has a wonderful feel. I might do a group of chemo hats because of the softness? Still got my thinking cap on. Takes time to do the rolling, tangles....but what a lovely donation. I will make use of it; I always do when folks donate things they want to go for good causes.

No additional work done one the mutli colored ghan with Sensations yarn, or the 2 strand yarn (ice blue and dark green) shawl.

Today is the first day in several weeks I didn't get 10,000 steps at work....though if I'd put the pedometer here at the house before hand, or left it on afterwards......am sure I was well above my 10,000 steps a day.

Happy Hooking and Knitting One and all


  1. Your slippers all look great! I really like the bright ones with the pink edge. I think some child will love wearing them. And that box of yarn is a great gift. Good for you to have the patience to roll up all those balls of yarn. It sounds like the yarn would make great chemo hats. There is always such a need for them.

  2. I actually like how the candy corn is turning out! And do like the rainbow slippers!
    I can't believe all those balls of yarn!!! My goodness you've been busy!

  3. Your slippers are super cute. My favorite pair is the bright rainbow one :)

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  4. You are so wonderfully creative. I just love reading your blog. I read it daily and though I do not comment often please know that I enjoy it so much.


  5. Love the slippers...especially those bright, colorful ones. From the looks of all that yarn...you're going to be very busy for a while.


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