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Monday, June 09, 2008

Candy Corn, a beginning

I have several squares like the small one you see. The colors are soooo bright and frankly pretty hard to match, these squares are from the mish mosh pile. Not colors or squares that would go well with other items, which explains why they were leftovers. However, their beginning to take shape. Started out, as if I were working on a triangle with some very bright yellow I had on hand and did just a few rows (not too many wanting to tone this down a bit), then one row only with the bright bright orange, the the full square of a different shade of orange. Since this picture I've completed several other rows, then added a gold which picks up nicely the small amount of gold in the original square. I've added a single row of sc with maroon/purple. Depending on the light the color looks one way or the other...

Now adding a row or 2 of the bright yellow, but again on 2 sides to bring out that triangle idea I started with and to minimize the bright. My plan is to do the same with the bright bright orange. Then 2 sides in gold, the other 2 in the other orange with the 4 corners the original squares. Playing it by ear as I see how it shapes up, AND based on the amount of yarn I have.

This mutli-colored yarn is fun and fast to work with, has enough to it, that you really don't need any fancy stitches. I'm using the ever popular V-stitch, but....I'm not sure if I'm going to continue or frog it. Still thinking. First thought was it would make a nice ghan for a young girl, it's so soft and with the colors and all. But, I only bought one skein when I nabbed the yarn (the problem with buying yarn cause you like it---before you know what you're going to make or how much you're going to need. It's bulky weight and so even though it's 615 yards (Rainbow Classic JoAnne's Sensations), it's probably not enough to do what I had first planned.

This is the knitted project in the works. Red Heart Symphony, fun yarn to work with. I have ice blue and dark forest green, the yarn while fuzzy and warm (mohair like texture), is thin and so I'm knitting with 2 strands. This is the start to a shawl, worked corner to corner. Since I'm using up odds and ends of the blue (must see if I have more in my stash), it may end up being striped.........I have a couple of neat claps that will be sewn on when completed. A favorite is on the green wool shawl I made my daughter, which I've blogged about previously--if interested scroll back for picture it's a sage green color.

LOTS of yard work yesterday, good exercise, some sun. Promises to be another really hot one here today. Drink lots of water folks.

Have a great week.


  1. Variegated yarn is the best...it always keeps me interested :)

  2. What a pretty variegated - so colorful. Perhaps a scarf if you don't have enough for a ghan? Bulky also goes so quickly too.
    Nice job on that hard to match square. Love to see the finished product.

  3. Hiya,

    Thanks for your comment about the Red Scarf Project. I have heard of it before but I seem to recall that this year they asked people to only donate a maximum of 2 because they got so many. Have you heard anything about their need for Feb 09?

  4. Sandy, I do like the Mary Maxim yarn, but it is limiting. You can't get it elsewhere and they don't have free shipping offers and such that I know of. They do offer discount if you buy a certain number of skeins. The yarn is soft and holds up well as far as I have seen personally. The light pink was backordered but I rec'd mine yesterday.

    The cancer ribbon filet pattern is here

    I have not put up the scarf pattern but it is ch 29 - subtract 7 stitches from each side in the main square brief pattern. If you make the scarf I would limit number of dc rows between as that is where I had my problem. I am working on a puff st version. It comes out rectangular because you have to put a row of sc between.

  5. Hi!

    You said to stop by for a visit that the welcome mat was always out. LOL! So.....here I am. I submitted your blog into Google Reader. You have a lot of neat knitting!

    I read your comments about the brown & teal colored yarn. Thanks for the info. I never thought about that for a color combo.

    I'm just trying to be very thoughtful about what I do w/this yarn, because it came from a man from church who had lost his wife a few years ago & he had such a hard time parting w/all of these skeins. I know that his wife donated a lot of items to nursing homes & I want to do something that would honor her memory.

  6. Hi Sandy! Candy corn is the perfect name for the color of your squares. You're so talented at using up bits and pieces.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. That animal was a beaver. He (she?) did look kind of ominous, but he (she?) was much more interested in the bark than in me.

  7. Hi!

    I wasn't too sure how else to reach you other than your blog.

    To answer your question about Google Reader, well, it's a web-based program that lets you set up & read all your blog favorites in one spot! I love it! It does cut into my knitting time though. LOL! If you have a gmail acct., it's easy. If you have something else besides Gmail it's pretty simple, too. Once you're signed in w/Google Reader...there's a "subscription window" hit "add", then just copy & paste the link to the blog that you like reading.

    I hope this helps.




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