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Monday, August 25, 2008

Mr. Mailman.......PLEASE

Things are piling up.....where's my mail carrier? Donde'? Silly me, I need to get up away from the computer and go to the post office. What's in need of being mailed, you might be wondering.
6 red 8 inchers to be used in a joint effort to make lapghans. Goal 100 lapghans for senior citizens at a nursing home through Stitches of Love, check in with Sissie, if you'd like to lend her a hand.
Scarfs, 3 of them (all knitted), for ladies with cancer through Scarfs from the Heart

And to more pair of baby booties I got done before sealing the box for Marine Corp Kids (see previous post).
Once these were all addressed, I turned my attentions to the pink and blue baby blanket (picture in previous post), and while watching the closing ceremonies last night got it done. Picture later....gotta get to the post office remember. Then once I photograph I need to decide where to send it. Got another pair of booties started last night, but just barely.

Weather is much nicer here today than it's been for several days, not nearly so hot AND we got rain last night!!! YIPPEE. We really needed it.

**updated my mileage knitted and crocheted
****updated my counter towards my charity goal
*****Since my last post, I've only managed to get above 10,000 steps once while wearing my pedometer....wish I could figure out how to walk and knit or crochet at the same time?

Projects I'm focusing on:
Some baby items to mail with the pink and blue blanket
Some Squares for Pine Ridge
Finishing Candy Corn Ghan....started long ago
Finishing the pink and purple ghan picture in previous post
Rectangles for HAP


  1. Love those squares! All you items are wonderful. You are so good to knit for all your charities. I'm sure every item will be greatly appreciated :)

    happy knitting and crocheting :)

  2. You are really getting a lot of items finished! I can't wait to see a picture of the blanket now that it's finished. When I get back from vacation, I am going to try to get back to some charity crafting.

  3. You're going to town on those charity items. Nice job! You could sign up for UPS pickup and save you a trip to the P.O. :-) Not sure how that works though...

  4. Anonymous6:51 PM

    You sure have busy hands these days and legs too running to the post office. Wonderful work, and I love the colors on the center scarf.

  5. I love your stuff. Especially the scarves, very very nice. Just so you know I had to unravel the boggin and start over.... I'm going for plain this time. I just don't have the tallent you do but i'm trying. When I finish I will post a picture for you.

    I really admire the heart you have by doing all the charity things you do. Good job Sandy :)

  6. Hi Sandy! Thanks for checking in on me. We were on vacation for a while, but I'm back now.

    Your output amazes me! I especially love the baby blankets.

  7. I love those scarves!! How cool! You are really going to town on all your projects! I'm so impressed! :)


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