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Friday, February 22, 2008


We're suppose to learn new things each day, right? Today, I learned what a Full Farrier was. Researching above stone to find information on these two people born way way back in 1837 and 1849, I learned this man Rector had been a Blacksmith in Rome township, Athens County, Ohio. Thats the southern part of the state. He enlisted in The Civil War as a Private in Co L. 1st Calvary on Jan 4th, 1864. He was promoted to Full Farrier. Googling the word tells me he shod the horses, but actually made their needs. This would have been an extremely important position for a Calvary Unit. It's a combination of horse care and Blacksmith skills.

Rector mustered out of the service on Sept 26, 1865 and return to his former occupation of being a Blacksmith in the township of Rome with his family. His wife Alice J. E. received his Civil War Pension, no doubt much needed after Rector's death in 1924. Rector and Alice were the parents of Francis, Curtice, Edna, and John. This family was found in the 1880 census with ages being: 11-7-6-4.

I don't know how Rector came to be buried in Columbus, Ohio rather than his home Athens. More research is needed to know that story. No doubt with more research more of their stories could be told; for now let's honor the contribution they made.

This pink hat and shawl Stella's modeling is now comforting a friends sister who sadly has lost her loving husband. The hat is crocheted, the shawl is knitted. It is my hope as she keeps physically warm with these items, she feel the love and support to help her through a difficult time.

Had a good step day yesterday logging 16,426 steps on my pedometer. Today, not anywhere close. Perhaps tomorrow.


  1. Beautiful shawl and hat set! Thanks for the comments :) Right now we are living in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, thus the name of the blog. It is beyond cold here! :) More sub-zero days than not. Snow's been on the ground since late November... but this winter has been bad all around!

  2. Your hat and shawl set is very pretty. I'm sure it will be very warm and comforting.

    The shawl is very similar to the baby prayer blankets that are knitted and given to the babies who are baptized in our church. I just started one in blue. It's a very simple but a very nice pattern.

    happy knitting :)

  3. Sandy,
    Guess what? I thought I was replying to the comment you put on my page but I actually posted myself a comment! Must be operator error... I just wanted to tell you thanks for the comment and you can see my reply on my comment page!!! hahaha

  4. Hi Sandy.....the Yucca plant I like it, where do
    you get them? Are they bushes..perenniels right? They look like something you would see growing in a sunny/humid southern location.


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