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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wednesday and wackiness!

This green wool scarf was a bit of an experiment. The green yarn was left over from something my mother-in-law made YEARS ago. I had no label to know it's weight, composition etc. but, feel certain it is mostly wool, a very light fingering weight yarn. So, I used to 2 strands and knit it on my Bond. The tricky part of that was pulling the yarn from the 2 sources at the same tension so as not to have a knotted mess. It was still thinner than I like scarfs to be, but I made it wide enough with this in mind and so doubled the scarf itself over. Rather than stitching up the side, I folded the two ends toward the middle which I think makes a softer edge for the scarf. This is for my daughter, who's not a lover of fringe and so I crocheted scallops for the edge. She loves it and wears it everyday. Though Stella is mifted she no longer has the green scarf around her neck. lol It's snowing like crazy here today, was bitter cold and windy yesterday...the day before that I was in Baltimore and it was 65 wonderful degrees. Wackey Weather!!!

We had a nice visit with our daughter in DC and Baltimore over this past wkend, and so I'm now trying to catch up on household stuff, and knitting and crocheting.

Last night I started a green and purple pillow cover thing for my daughter. Her room is purple and green.......... she does love green!

I finished a 2 tone pink scarf last night also and need to determine which charity it should go to. Am feeling behind on my charity count, so need to shift some gears and get some projects finished.


  1. Thanks for visiting. I'm supposed to be working right now, but I'm visiting you back, so now it's your fault!

    I love the edging on the scarf!

  2. Sandy,
    I really love this green scarf! Your daughter is lucky to get this one. I had to smile when I read that she loves purple and green..that is a favorite combination for me too. I've enjoyed looking through your blog. You are so talented and generous with your work. I can just see you knitting inside when it is snowing outside..that's a beautiful vision!

  3. Your green scarf for your daughter is very attractive...I especially like the ruffled edge. I'm not very fond of fringe anymore....I much rather have an edge like the one you did :)

    happy knitting :)

  4. sent you an email in response to your first post to me. I sent it to both addys i have for you.

  5. My blog addy is

  6. Hi Sandy!
    I just love this scarf! It looks so warm and soft!!! It's been so cold here and that looks perfect!!

    Anyway, thanks for your message. Sorry about all the confusion about Marine Corps Kids. Let me try to explain.
    We are a charity crafting group that is open to anyone who wants to say "thank" you to our military families. We don't make a lot of rules. Our goal is to send gifts for babies who are born while their dad's are deployed. It's our way of saying thank you to the families who sacrifice while their military loved ones are serving our country.

    Crafters like you send donations. It can be knit, sewn, crocheted - any medium - we just ask for hand-crafter baby items in soft baby-friendly fibers.

    It's an ongoing effort. Donors send what they want, when they want. It might be a toy, a blanket, booties, sweaters, hats - anything baby can use. We collect these items and send them to families when babies are born.

    There are 2 ways that we send donations. Most of the donations are sent to family volunteers on the Marine bases. These volunteers work with the families and distribute the gifts as babies are born. Occasionally, expecting moms or grandmoms read our blog and contact us directly. In those cases, we send the gifts directly to the families when the baby arrives.

    If you read through our site, you can see the types of things that people have donated. We've sent gifts to several hundred families.

    If you have more questions, just let me know. Till then, where's that wine??? :-)

  7. Okay, I came looking for my glass...where is it? I need it!! lol
    I love that scarf...the color is pretty and I really like the way you finished the ends. It gives it a very feminine look.

    *as soon I find that darn Spring, I'll let you know*

  8. Hi Sandy,
    got your message today, thanks for stopping by to see more pics or our little family. You have so many projects and charities going on I don't know where to begin! It's so great that you can get all this stuff done. I haven't knitted in a while, just too much going on with the baby and our school. I can barely find time to go to the bathroom. The baby hat you asked about was actually given to us at the hospital...but I did knit a little sweater for her, and I've got two jumpers on the needles. I do love that scarf, that shade of green is lovely, and the way you did the end is so much better than fringe.
    talk soon,

  9. Hey Mom!

    Just adding my own words on my scarf ... I think it may be my favorite of everything you've ever made me (except my green/pink blanket). Wearing it makes me think of you (and Grandma Dorothy).

    Green and purple pillow cover you say ... hmmmm, I do love green :)

    Also, LOVING the shawl, it keeps the chill away in the classroom during the morning before the sun fully hits the classroom.



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