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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hummingbird Stain Glass

 Sharing a reminder of Spring, even as the snow is flying outside my window.  Took this picture the other day, when there was some light outside, though when and if we get a sunny day this cute little hummingbird's colors will be even prettier.
Hung it backwards in the first picture then realized it was the wrong side...dah!  This was gifted to me by a fellow Find A Grave Friend, Brian.  He does truly beautiful work.  Many thanks Brian, it brightens the gloom that is the normal winter day here in central Ohio.

Have continued to work on the ghans in the previous post (just scroll back for the pictures), and am itching to start a new project....some yarn is calling my name

Hope you're all safe and warm indoors, as the last several days have been brutally cold.  I think about those living out in the elements without a roof over their heads and hope they somehow are protected from the elements.  Am so grateful for all those who've sent donations in lately for Bridge and Beyond  and am working at catching up on writing and scheduling the blog posts.


  1. Lovely suncatcher! My mom loves hummingbirds and tries her best to tempt them to her windows with many a sweet treat feeder. Wishing you sunshine and warmth as well :)

    1. Thank you for the visit Brandy, will hop over to your blog for a visit.


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