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Sunday, May 03, 2015

Springtime Changes

 I've never gotten the hang of doing selfies, but this is best try so far.  My new shorter ...by alot hair and maybe you can see it's streaked........theory is that will make the gray show up less?
I've never had anything but corals and reds/burgundy's on my nails.  AND I only get nails done is spring and summer, part way into fall...sometimes; this is to show not only is it FINALLY Spring, but I'm stepping out of my box.  Found the darker purple first, but then when they asked me to pick the gel color I spotted the lighter one and decided...what the heck.......also something I've never done.  I always match.  You might think I'm going through a midlife crisis, but I'm well beyond midlife, lol.

**Question?  I went to a different shop, when they removed the gel polish from my nails (which I got recently out of town), they did not soak cotton with acetate apply to my nails and cover with foil...the had me soak my fingers in a bowl of acetate.  It didn't seem as effective, smelled alot more, and after awhile my fingers were burning a bit, so I removed them while waiting on someone to come finish the job.  Have you ever had it done that way?  I thought acetate was hard on your skin?  Which is why I thought they did the foil and cotton.........or is it just more effective the other way, covered and all?

This represents part of the reason I've not been here much lately.
A=Afghans, Family Heirlooms
B= Bridge and Beyond, Behind the Scenes
C=What is Crochet
E=Exposure Kills Homeless Vet
F= Crying and Homeless and Freezing Temperature
G= Gubbio, A Homeless Project, St. Boniface Church
H=Hobo and Homelessness
I= Inspiration
J= What is Joy
L=Knitting Looms
M=Mittens, Knitted, Crocheted or Loomed
N=Caring for the Needy
O=Jack Otis, Classmate, Homeless
P=Policing the Homeless
Q=Quilting Can Warm Those in Need
R=Helping Homeless with Rain Poncho's and Recycling
S=Shelter Living and the Homeless
T=Tent Cities for Homeless
U=Living Under the Underpasses
V=Homeless Veterans, Rest in Peace
W=Water in Doorways, Sprays Homeless
Y=Yarn Helps Homeless
Z=Find Zen

These are the A-Z challenge (always held in April) posts I wrote for Bridge and Beyond.  Love to have you check them out.  I learned more myself about homelessness, and I thought I knew more then the average bear.

Hope to catch up with you all, see what you've been doing.  I have continued to knit, crochet and walk...updates on that next post.


  1. I LOVE your hair!! I'm so jealous. Short hair did not work for me. I loved it, but it just never looked right.

    1. Thanks! It was a hard decision for me to get it cut.

  2. The hair works for you. I've been thinking about going with short hair too; like a half inch long. After a bit of contemplation, I think I'll leave my nails in the natural color they are. I might clip them on occasion however... I MIGHT clip them.

    1. LOL...too funny Jim. Thanks for the visit.

  3. Love your hair. Darling curls, I'm so envious. Your manicure is so pretty as well. I love to polish my nails,too, but, like you, I've been a corals and pastels girl.....except on my toes. I go a bit bolder there :) But I do my own, I can't take the fumes in a salon. Nice to see you're fine and doing well, Sandy. I've been away from blogging, too, but try to keep up on everyone's blogs at lease once a week. Been wondering how you've been.

    1. The fumes are sometimes bad, I'm just no good at trying to do nails. Nice to hear from you again Karen.

  4. I really like that purple. I usually do pinks or neutral, light colors. You've inspired me to step out of the box too. I'm going to look for a lavender/purple nail color next.

    Happy Thursday, Sandy.

    1. Thanks for the visit Robyn, I'm enjoying my purple, bet you will too.

  5. Like the doo. It fits you just fine. I like that length for myself, and if I could find somebody that can cut my hair properly I would do it too. I have naturally curly/wavy hair, so I'm letting grow long for a while. Thanks for stopping over and leaving a comment


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