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Friday, May 16, 2008

Scraps to Hats and other things

Scarpes.........with the exception of the blue crocheted babies hat with ties, these other items were made from scrapes. I had some miss-sized rectangles people had given me in a bag of donated yarn. Apparently from things they "tried" to make, or things they started and never finished. After laying them on the floor and staring with them awhile I came up with the following:
The Purple Wormie Hat...made from 2 knitted purple rectangles (close to the same size), crocheted edges in white and crocheted together, added white bad gathered top of the hat together corner to corner (too bulky to gather in a more traditional way), The 4 corners made me think of jester style hat, so continue the funky look added 4 wormie things coming out of the middle of the hat that swing about in a fun manner when you move you head.
Slipper, the white and purple slipper..again 2 rectangles close to the same size. Not quite the right measurements though to donate to Warm Up America, which perhaps they were originally intended? Added white, gathered the toe area, stitched closed, stitched hem and added white tassel/ball. Rectangles were folder long way to accomplish this and fit me very slinder size 6 foot.
Second pair of slippers/booties...again 2 rectangles (close to the same size). These were folder width wise with more trim of blue added, but otherwise the same process as the white and purple. Both of these pairs of slippers were adapted from Bev. Fast and Easy Slipper Pattern on Country Cottage. This pair also fits my foot, slender size 6. I believe both pairs would easily fit a childs foot shorter and wider than my own.
The poncho is in the works and it too is rectangles...again not the right size to donate to Warm Up America. I think these rectangles in my donated box of yarn were practice squares for someone learning. But, with a bit of creativity and added a bit here and there....they will still be useful and will be donated to charity. These rectangles are crocheted where the purples were knitted. Poncho is going to be about 12.5, my question is what age child is that the right size for??????
Though the pics make the purples look like they were all the same shade, they aren't, nor were they made using the stame stitch.
The blue baby hat, and the white and purple slippers were added to my donation to a womens shelter in Michigan, Caring House and donated through the group Crafters in The Attic.
The purple wormie hat, and 2nd pair of purple booties were just finished last night. Unsure which group those will go to. Likewise the poncho when it's complete.
**Worked a bit on my shawl or dark green and ice blue last night as well. It's a chipping away.


  1. I absolutely love the purple wormy hat!!!! How awesome and creative!

  2. I just noticed you added me to your blogs you like to read list! :) I'm so flattered!! :) Thank you!

  3. Very cool slippers :)

  4. I really like what you are doing with your squares! It is giving me ideas. I have a bunch of squares that Warm Up America rejected and then donated to my crochet guild at the last New York City Knit Out. I think I have enough squares for 2 1/2 blankets. So now I have some ideas for what to do with those extra squares!

    As far as Summer of Squares goes, that was a knit and crochet along I hosted last summer. All the participants made squares for whatever project they wanted, although I did ask that everyone make a few squares to donate to charity. There were some prizes at the end of the summer. I only got 7 participants, which was a little disappointing. So I've been hesitant about trying it again this summer.

    As far as all the squares I already have, I think I have enough for at least 5 blankets. But what I should do is see if my crochet guild would be willing to help me put them together.

  5. I agree with Kristin --- love the purple wormy hat. It will look so cute on a little person!
    And what a great idea for the slippers. Making them out of squares and they turned out super!

  6. Pop on over to Confessions of an Apron Queen to check up on the $50 vintage apron giveaway! You're a semi-finalist! Woo Hoo!!


  7. Hey girl!
    Stopping in to say hello. Love the wormie but I really love the shoes with the pom pom toes! I need to try that wormie hat for my kids. I hope all is well. I still am looking for the football buttons but nothing has struck me yet. Have a great week and stop by sometime. :)

  8. I also love the Wormie Hat. You are always so creative! I am always impressed with what you come up with. It's great that most everything can be used.

  9. Hiya Sandy,

    A lot of the people that post here at blogspot have their main presence on livejournal, so that is why you won't find pages over here.

    If you want to communicate to the livejournal folks, all you have to do is go to community.livejournal.com/homespunhelpers. You can comment to any post that you want and the person who made the post will get notified. You'll have to comment as "anonymous," so just put your name at the end so we know who you are :)

    I'll make sure Jezebel counts your items, so don't worry about that. If you want to e-mail her, I believe she posted her e-mail in one of her posts...

    I hope that helps. Thanks for your comment. Sorry it's so confusing!

  10. I stopped to say hello and to thank you for taking time to leave me a comment.

    I love all the things that you created, and they are giving me inspirations to continue working on blankets that I will be donating to the local Project Linus.

    Take care!

  11. wow! awesome job donating items to charity :D thanks for finding my blog hooking for charity. I'd love to have your input on the hooking ravelry board, please join right in or send a private message to me (katkoe) and we can chat more ... thanks :D


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