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Sunday, May 11, 2008

What goes where, and next??

The two tone pink scarf is knitted, warm and fuzzy.
The purple basket weave scarf is also knitted, has a bit of a scalloped edge to it.
The Blue Bunting is knitted corner to corner with crocheted ties.
The blue, white and varigated blue baby ghan is crocheted using dc and v stitches.

I had planned to send the bunting to one of my charities, but a co-worker saw it and really liked it for a shower gift. I sorta wish I had said no; but you know sometimes you don't think quickly. I made it with left over yarn so only charged her a few dollars, probably didn't even cover the cost of the yarn now that I think about it. Silly of me really.

The other items....need to review my list and see where things are most suited. But, think the ghan is probably going to a Marine or Navy Base for a newborn who's daddy is deployed.

Been making lots of newborn hats, not yet photographed; and lots of squares (the group they were suppose to be for seems to have disappeared...hum).

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day

**Found where to send the blue and white ghan, it's heading for Marine Kids along with these 4 hats that I now have a picture of

and the 10 squares on their way to PatrioticAfghans


  1. Very nice FOs! I really like the scarves. That's ashame about the newborn hat charity disappearing, but there's always a need for baby hats. You'll find a home for them.

    You asked about Ravelry when you commented on my blog. I usually describe it as a social networking site (like MySpace or Facebook), but it's specifically designed for knitters and crocheters. You can list your projects and stash. There are forums and groups where you can meet people with similar interests. You can find patterns and match yarn to patterns very easily. It's an amazing website. Right now, you have to go on a waiting list for an invitation to join, but it's worth the wait. Just go to www.ravelry.com and check it out!

    I hope your Mother's Day was great! We had a really nice visit with both my mom and my mother-in-law.

  2. Thanks for the comments...afterwards they went bowling and had a great time. I am so blessed to have a kid with such a good head on her shoulders.

    You've been busy knitting. I love that bunting...it would have been the perfect thing for my cousin who just had her first baby.

    *Hope your Mother's Day was great!*

  3. Oh, boy your sure have been busy!! Everything looks great. I can see why your friend wanted the bunting...it's lovely. I made a bunting for my oldest when I was expecting my oldest and used it for all three boys. It's really a nice baby item to have.

    happ knitting :)
    P.s. You must join ravelry...I guarantee you'll LOVE it :)

  4. Ravelry is still under development, or "in beta" as they say on the internet. That's why they have a waiting list and invitations. Right now, we are all helping to test the site and improve it by using it. Eventually, the site will be open to the general public. But the site was immediately popular, as soon as the first invitations went out. So the designers made a commitment to invite in everyone who wants to join. They have over 100,000 users so far.

  5. Hey Sandy. So glad you stopped by again. I hope you have a great time with your daughter and hubby. I know what you mean about traveling alone, and on a long flight....it stinks. I hope you get an aisle or window seat. I some how always seem to get stuck between the close talker and the dirty old man (LOL!)

    Anyway, love that basket weave scarf, that's a cool pattern. I was also wondering what bunting is...is that like a blanket?

    Ahhh, yarn shopping, yes I would love to go. Pick me up tomorrow afternoon? Hey, I can dream can't I!

    Speaking of visiting family, I don't know if I told you but my mom and dad are coming to Taiwan to see us in July! We are so excited, it's their first time ever out of the U.S. They're a little nervous about the long flight too, I think it's around 12 hours. It's gonna be so great to see them.

    We're doing okay here, just busy with our little school and watching Pearl grow.

    Miss you, talk to you soon.

  6. Wow, you've been busy this past month making some beautiful items. I love the scarves you made. I am working on my very first scarf now. I can't believe I have never made one before.

    Anyway, glad that you found my blog again and the instructions I left there for you. I didn't even think of posting them on your blog ... duh!! LOL!!

    I'm on ravelry too as charityknitter so if/when you get on there look me up!

    Keep on stitching!!

  7. Those hats are adorable! And I absolutely love the baby bunting! :)

  8. You've inspired me to finally pack up my 25 hats, booties, and blankies for Jewish Children's and Family Services that I've had finished for over a month now. :)
    I've been looking for another charity-I'll use your links. Thanks!
    I have a special place in my heart for your name-the same as my moms'. :)


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