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Friday, April 22, 2011

Red Pearls, not just any Cotton

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 texture of Cascade Pearls YarnI'm trying to show you the texture of this yarn in this picture. Fat, and skinny, flat and shimmery.

shimmery PearlsThis picture, though a bit blurry shows some of the shimmer this yarn has. I held this up with the light of the computer behind it with one hand while taking the picture with the other hand. But, I think you still see the texture and difference in the shimmer and the not shimmery portions of this yarn. I've never used it before, but will be using it again.
lacy scarfAgain holding it up with the light from the computer screen behind it. You can see it's sorta lacy. Nothing fancy, straight garter stitch on size 8 knitting needles. I used Cascade Yarn Pearls. I'm NOT a fan of using cotton yarn. It's hard on the hands, rough and tough and often blah...flat in color. This however, is 55.7% cotton and 44.3% Viscose. This Cascade Yarn is made in Brazil and I loved working with it. Felt nice in the hand, moved nicely on the needles and I love the shimmer and non shimmer contrast, as well as the thick and skinner portions of the yarn.
Finsihed scarfThis terrible picture makes it look orange, it's not. It's red. I like light weight summer scarves for accessorizing and to keep the neck warm in air conditioning when we go out. Though I am rarely cold, the arthritis in the neck really aches and so often a light weight scarf is just the ticket. The edges look awful also in the picture...I must have laid it down badly because they don't look so lumpy. My indecision now is whether or not to keep this for myself or to donate to the battered women's charity, Scarves from the Heart that like soft, frilly, feminine scarves. I generally make my summer scarves a bit more narrow, sooooooooo...hum, just not sure. Will think on it.

Have you used this yarn before? If not, I highly recommend it.

I might also add this fun scarf traveled with me to ARUBA. Was a good plane project.
red pearls in progress on SouthwestClick on Aruba to go to my Travel Blog and read about/see pictures of Aruba. Here you see where I laid it on my tray table to take a coffee break. We had a really early morning flight. Yikes! I really needed the coffee.

**Catching up after being gone takes time, but am working on it. Got all 300 drops done for my friends on EC, and visited and commented on all 20 on FO. Made some visits and comments on The Hive. And now need to throw another load of laundry in. Whew**


  1. WOW, ARUBA!? That sounds fun!

    The scarf is very pretty. I love the way it looks in your shot of it laying on the tray.

  2. I can't believe that your scarf is straight garter stitch. It looks wayyyy fancier than that. Nice work.

  3. Yes Tami ARuba was fun...ready to go again, lol.

    nursenikkiknits, I love finding yarn that works that well, mindless knitting with a nice end result.

    Thanks ladies for the visit, much appreciated.

  4. That yarn is gorgeous! I really love the vividness of the colour, and the texture looks really interesting. I may have to see if I can procure some...

  5. Thanks for the yarn review. Knitting with cotton is tough on my hands also.

  6. Your scarf is very pretty...love the yarn. I can relate to the neck thing...my neck does not like to be cold....got two discs that stick together and I find if I keep it warm it helps ;)


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