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Monday, April 04, 2011

My First Monday Memories, Mutterings, Musings Meme

For Fun, I thought I'd try my hand a meme. I do sometimes get involved in them, but haven't really started one. Monday's mean many things to people. The beginning of the work week, the end of the weekend. Positive and Negative feelings about Monday no doubt. So, let's have some fun with Monday and share those things with Monday Memories, Mutterings, Musing and More.

To join in, post a comment here, write your Monday Memory, Mutterings, Musing on your blog with a link here, and be sure and add yourself to the linky. This is a good way to have fun, to meet some new bloggers, to share some linky love...so please join in.

My Mutter:
I'd like to have a loud speaker on my car so I could shout out at people who do thoughtless, careless, and dangerous things while driving. The list would start with Mothers who want to protect their children, but don't seem to give a hoot about other children. Case in point. It's rare for me not to see a car with a bumper sticker, or window decal with one of those baby on board signs while out and about. Ok, they want people to know a baby is inside the car should something happen. That's a safety issue. Right? How then can they speed through school zones, change lanes without signals, while talking on the cell phone, turn on red in the school zone and literly pay no attention to the school children trying to cross the street!!!!!!!!!! If I got paid for everytime I've witness this, I would be a rich woman. Their time is NOT more important then the safety of those children. I've honked the horn, people on the sidewalks have yelled at them. I see it all the time.

And that's my rant/ my Monday Mutterings today, what's yours?

**Just loaded a new blog template today. Still messy with it a bit. Need to change the color of the font I think, seems a bit hard to read? What do you think? Took awhile to figure out the slide show, and now that it's there...don't know if I like it? Thoughts? Does it add?

Moved some widgets around, nixed a few too. When I did, noticed hakucho is my top talker. Thank you much, greatly appreciated.


  1. Entered myself to see if this was working folks. My first ever Linky, not sure I'm doing it correctly. Appreciate any feedback, thanks.

  2. Looks like everything worked! :) Thanks for visiting my blog. We changed the dogs name to Lola, and we are madly in love with her. She's been a really good girl since that "incident".
    Also, I am still running Marine Corps Kids, and if you would like to send booties I can ALWAYS use them. Thank you so much!!

  3. Your blog looks fine...easy to read.
    I'm your top talker...guess I have a big mouth ;) Have a wonderful week :)

  4. I'm in on the Meme, Sandy. Mr. Linky is working nicely. This looks like fun.
    Your site looks great and loads rapidly. I like the blues. The only thing I noticed is a little run-over on your search window (the widget in the left column). Not much of a deal.

  5. Thanks Wormie, I'll pack some appropriate yarn for booties then.

    hakucho, I love that you're my top commenter...keep it up

    Thanks Karen for checking things out for me, appreciate it. I see what you mean about the widget in the left side bar. I shorten the titled on both of those and that seemed to fix that problem. The other thing I noticed was some of the comments were off the page. I prefer comments embedded below posts, but with some templates it doesn't work well. This must be one, like my travel blog, so went back to comments in pop up and now the spacing on it seems good at my end. Let me know if you see anything else.

  6. Sandy, sorry, I'm pretty busy right now and didn't even think to post my instructions on your site as well. Anyway, first off, I use the one called "original auto-linkies" and of course for Blogger since this is a blogger blog. As far as closing it, if you go to the tab that says "widgets" it lists the ones you have open. Click the date link that's in the first column of the linky you want to close, and then it will bring up a new page. At the top of that page, it will have stats of like, what the number of links, how long ago someone posted a link, etc. There is a part (4th line down) that says "closing time". I don't usually set one when I make the linky, so it says "none". Then there should be a link just to the right of it that says "close now". Click that link and the widget will be closed.

  7. Tami, great instruction, thanks so much. Am anxious to give it a whirl and appreciate your feedback.


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