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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Little bit of knitting corner to corner

After finishing the 2nd longest WIP ever ghan, and Rose Garden Ghan, I needed something sorta mindless. Also, needed a project that could go with me to work and other misc places. Also, needed something knitted to give my hands and fingers a little break from crocheting which seems to be harder on the arthritis, carpal tunnel etc. Though, am still working on ghans that require crocheting for Bridge and Beyond, I do now have a knitted project I can work on in between which is helpful. This corner to corner is simple straight garter stitch. With this yarn's texture, there's really no reason to use a fancy stitch; it would be lost and not seen anyway. Had a hard time trying to lay this out so you could see it, as the circular needles curl so badly. The yarn is JoAnne Sensations Rainbow Boucle with 873 yards a skein. It's nice to work with. I believe I prefer knitting with this over crochet though. I've seen this yarn used for almost everything from a really lacy knitted shawl, to baby sweaters, hats, scarves, doubled up for slippers as well. Lots of different colors to choose from and fun to see how it changes from light to dark. Thus far, you're not seeing that in my start. I'm using 2 color ways, a pink and white, and a pink-gray-black. It reminds me of Poodle skirts.

Not totally sure what this will end up being. Well, actually not true. It's going to be a blanket/ghan. I'm not sure how big I'll make it or whether or not it will be for a little girl or an adult female. I'm just knitting and we'll cross that decision bridge when the yarn runs out or I get tired of working on it. lol Most likely it will be another Faith Mission Blanket though.

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  1. I love anything garter stitch. Have you tried dipping the cable of your needles in very hot water before casting on? It usually gets rid of the "curl" effect.

  2. You know I had forgotten that tip Joansie, thanks for the reminder.

  3. You finish afghans so quickly, I'm in awe.

    Did you get my message about the Mr Linky from the FO Friday comments from last week? I answered you right under your comment.

  4. Yes Tami, I think so, I didn't see anything here. Will look again.

  5. I find crocheting is much harder on my hands/elbow. How is the sensations rainbow boucle to knit with plain? I've used it with a strand of worsted - and have been very pleased with the results.

  6. hakucho, blended with worsted...now that's a neat idea. I must try that out next time. I like knitted straight with it, except it takes awhile. lol It has both body and softness though.


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