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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hanging Art

MonetA while back I mentioned I needed some art for the wall in this post. I couln't get the angle on the picture to include the bed, window, etc for you to see this, so please click above link to see. Took this picture several times trying not to get the flash reflection on the glass in the above picture. Seemed the only way to do that, was to take the photo at an angle. I put one of the bed pillows there with the picture so you could see the colors. The mat is grayish, and there's lots of that in various shades in the Monet Print. The frame is brassy looking to me, as is the bed post. The tan border on the print and mat seem to pick up the tan in the window treatments, the carpet and the tan in the print on the bed. Still need something behind the bed; but it's a start. We had these print with a really cheap frame previously hanging in this same spot. Hum, wonder if I have a picture of it anywhere. Anyway, having it re-framed wasn't cheap and hubby thought I spent too much. But, nice mats, and frames aren't cheap. And, I think it turned out really nice. He thought since the print was cheap to begin with I shouldn't have spent much on it. However, I think I added to it's quality.

Someone suggest a plant/tree behind the bed. Well we had that in the previous arrangement, but after fighting trying to keep it dust free, I don't want to go that route again. A collection of pictures is what I have in mind currently. Small prints probably, but will I make the corner interesting by doing this, or will I highlight further how offset the bed is to the corner? Thoughts? Ideas? Anxious for some input folks.


  1. Looks great! I'm not a good one to advise....all of my artwork on the walls are my boys artwork and their photos. Recently I was getting tired of dusting all those photos on my mantel, end tables, bookcase, desk and entertainment center so I had my husband put up all(16) the pictures gallery style on one wall in the living room. I wished I had done it sooner :) So much better.

  2. Nice idea hakucho, you should take a picture of it for us.


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