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Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Year Long Challenge

Just saw this blog badge while I was making my blog rounds, followed it's link to a group on RAV, so I could see what it was all about. It's purpose, as I understand it is to challenge yourself with a list of things you want to make throughout the year. It officially started on July 1st, so I'm already behind and runs through the end of June of next year 2012. The list can be things you want to make, specific patterns etc. It's a way to encourage each other, and meet new blogging friends. I love blogging, visiting reading and commenting and this is a way to encourage that.

I tend not to have a list of things I want to make, apparently lots of folks do. I find yarn I like and that prompts me. If you've been to my blog before you probably know most of my knitting and or crocheting is for charity. I have a personal blog, Bridge and Beyond dedicated to that purpose, helping the homeless. However, I do still think I can put together a working list. I suspect though my list may change as time goes on; while the others may not?

Cotton Challenge, this cotton stash needs to be turned into Cotton Wash Cloths. My DD asked for lots (in my mind I thought about a cloth a month, seasonal, but in my stash I don't think I have every month well represented, so probably need more), AND wash cloths for my charity Bridge and Beyond. I need some more male colors also, which I didn't find in my last shopping venture.

Wedding Ghan, I've been working on this for a while certainly getting it finished (my first multi-stitch knitted ghan) is a big challenge for me. Getting it done on time is an additional knitting challenge for me. I don't knit nearly as fast as I crochet.

Longest ever work in progress. I need and want to finish this Candy Corn Ghan. I'm not sure how long ago I started it...but well before the post (it was sometime in 2008) Here. It was initially started for Victory Camp Junction, and when finished might still go there; then again I didn't have own charity when I started it; so it might go to Bridge and Beyond. Depends how many have been donated by the time I get it finished.

This Buckeye Scarf was started last Christmas, never finished and I lost my spot in the pattern. Someone told me how to figure out where I was, (hope I can find her helpful advice). So this needs to be finished. Christmas will be here again, maybe it will be a gift this year round?

I want to learn how to knit socks, so am adding a pair of socks for myself to the challenge list.

I want to learn how to knit a cable, so adding that too my list also. Whether it will end up in a hat, or a scarf I've not decided. The challenge is to learn how to do it.

I started an awesome wool scarf (barely), with a rather tedious pattern (it's been frogged 3 times), while vacationing several months ago. I want to get comfortable with the pattern and get the scarf finished in time for fall. This is a selfish goal...I want this scarf, the blue is WOW. And because it's been frogged so many times, you can see I now have markers every...I think 10 stitches. I kept loosing my count with the tedious pattern.

Need to finish this corner to corner knitted ghan, believe it will go to Missouri, Joplin for the Tornado victims. Titled Poodle Ghan

I'm in a group called Oddball Baby Blankets and am currently committed to two more. I've done many others, but haven't added anymore on, so...when it's my turn on these blankets, my challenge is to get my section and or Border done in the allotted amount of time, which is 2 wks. I currently have one needing a border, titled Mardi Gras. Haven't yet photographed it to link up here. Will add it.

With my charity, Bridge and Beyond I assemble afghans from donated squares and currently have a list of those I've designed (many others already donated), needing edges and joining. Challenging myself to get them done by Christmas. I don't know how many I have designed and bagged at the ready. Need to count and list them here.

Designing challenge. This month, July's focus for Bridge and Beyond is in fact squares, through the Give a Square Program. Whatever squares are donated (knitted and crocheted 7-10 inches), need to be put with others squares here and afghans designed. Challenging myself to design and bag 3 ghans from those.

Good luck to all participating in this challenge of self, have fun visiting and encouraging each other. I'm looking forward to meeting and blogging with you all.


  1. I'm doing the year of projects too. Like you I tend not to have a list but I thought of all the things I usually say "hey, I wanna make that" and then never get around to it. BUT I am now - mostly because I put my Christmas stuff on there :)

    I look forward to your progress posts!

  2. Thanks Cris for your visit and comment. I'm going to start a list for those of us in the challenge here on my blog. You'll be the first to get added.

  3. Good luck with your Year of Projects and your charity work! I am in awe of how much you already do, but I know that the busiest people always get the most done...

  4. Mixedbabygreens, your comment made me think of my Mother, who used to always say, want to get something done, give it to a busy person. lol

  5. you are a very busy gal...so many projects....I think I tend to slow down during the summer...I'll get back into it...hope your enjoying your summer...and thanks for stopping by to me a big buckeye hello...:)

  6. I like your cotton stash! What awesome colors.
    You sure have patience to work on big projects and a ginormous heart for the all the charity work you do.
    Have you been to the Hawaiian Islands before or see hula dancers perform? Those statues are in front of the Hilton Hawaiian Village on the island of Oahu. They're not naked although it looks like the woman on the right has no top on and only has her long hair covering her chest area. That is actually the traditional way hula dancers used to dance back in the day. Of course hula dancers do not dance that way anymore but midriffs are usually exposed as well as the men's upper torsos.

  7. Thanks Faith and Kepanie for the visits and comments.

    Kepanie, I've not been to Hawaii, but thanks for the follow up info.

  8. What a great list for your year of projects, and all your charity work. Socks are a great small project to put in your handbag, for any time you have a few minutes!

  9. Massive projects from a massive heart. I am in awe of your ghans. Hope you enjoy working with them

  10. You have a sweet heart and I am in awe of all of your charity knitting. I look forward to seeing your progress throughout the year. I am off to complete my year of projects Sunday post in a minute, but am having fun blog crawling through everyone else's posts!

  11. Thanks Genki, CraftyClare, and Kim, appreciate your visits and nice comments.

  12. I also stumbled on the blog-a-long and decided to join in. I'm finding it quite motivating and lots of fun. Also nice 'meeting' so many lovely new bloggy friends. Good luck with your list and I'll look forward to your updates each week. By the way, I'm also very much into charity knitting and crochet here in Australia. Its lovely to enjoy what you're doing and that it is helping someone less fortunate.

  13. Great that you've joined in too - fab! Looking forward to seeing how you get on :)

  14. Wow
    I am excited to see it all

  15. What a neat idea for a year long challenge. I will have to go and check it out. I would so love to make a sweater for myself and have printed out a few patterns. Maybe this will be the year. I would also like to learn to make socks, but on 2 circs not DPNs.

  16. Hi Dorothy all the way over there in Australia, happy to meet you and look forward to blogging and knitting with you.

    Waving hi and thanks to Sarah, Frizzy, and Bunny. Thanks for the visit, comments and encouragement.

  17. Sound slike a really busy year you have planned, looking forward to seeing your projects

  18. Yes very busy littlebitsheepish, hope I can pull it all together.

  19. I'm loving your list of projects and that you included some UFO's in there as well. I'm in the year long blog-a-long as well at http://jencrutchfield.blogspot.com/2011/07/crochet-along-2011.html#idc-container

    Happy stitching!


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