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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Story Telling with Nature

Lillies in rainStories in Nature, that's what I think of when I look at this scene. A work in progress, a work of art, a story being told. The story here seems to be Life and it's cycles. Front to back, you have the brilliantly colored orange Lilly fresh and perky after quenching it's thirst with the recent rain. You have a rather spent Daisie, beaten down from the rain, and perhaps at the end of it's time. Looking further back you have a Daisie about to burst forth with life, while off to the right one Daisie not sure it wants to make it's way into the world just yet. The rain so necessary to bring forth and sustain life, gives freshness to some flowers; but beats down others...much like life itself it seems. Nature gives, and nature takes away. My picture didn't come out as well as I hoped when I looked at and thought a picture after the rain would be so cool; but hopefully it tells you something too about the beauty of nature and it's seasons.
close up LillyLook how this Lilly is holding onto the water it needs. Clustered beneath and to the left promise of more blossoms to come.

I've enjoyed meeting new bloggers through The Year of Projects, if you're looking for the Sunday post scroll to the previous post. For all bloggers involved with the various WIPW, FOFriday, and The Year of Projects Challenge, please remove your word verification (captchas). It slows down visiting terribly. I always wonder how many more people/blogs I could visit, read, and comment on with the extra time they take. Please be willing to do a trial period. The newer blogger filters are very good and they do catch the spam. The captchas truly are not needed. I have 3 blogs and honestly have very little problems with spam, or unwanted comments. Set your settings to be notified by email when someone makes a comment and you can quickly delete something, if there's a problem. It's also helpful when people comment on older posts, which I find I often do when I see something of interest or something I missed earlier. Give it a try, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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