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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Knitting up a Storm (Wedding Ghan, Cotton Cloths YOP))

Week #3 for me

wedding ghanHere's the wedding ghan progress, got 4 stripes (4 of 5) done, joined, AND ends tucked in...not final edge as those will get done when the ghan is bordered; but forced myself to tuck in all the ends from changing yarn colors etc so I wouldn't have them all staring at me in need of attention all at the same time.

knitted wedding ghan2 blocks of the 5th strip done, working on the 3rd block (3 of 6), hoping to have this done and joined yet this week, but may not make it given my work schedule and the fact I'll be out of town later in the week.

knitted cotton washclothsYou've perhaps seen these cloths when they were work in progress, and or separately for a finished object on a Friday post, but here now are 3 which means this project is 1/4th done. May, June and August here in this picture for my Cotton Cloth Calendar Challenge. July has been started and is about 1/3 done.

The remainder of the list:
Blue Scarf
Edging and joining ghans for Bridge and Beyond
Poodle Ghan
Candy Corn Ghan
Buckeye Scarf
*Learn to knit socks
*Learn to knit a cable
have no progress.

In my previous post I added a fun video, please treat yourself and scroll down.

Hope you've noticed my blog log for those who visit, and comment that are part of the yop. I like to keep working blog logs, and have removed a few folks from my regular blog log who never return visits, don't blog anymore etc.


  1. I LOVE that pink wash cloth - too pretty! I remain in awe of how much you get done, I'm sure that Wedding Ghan isn't far off being finished.

  2. I agree, the pink one is so cute! I agree with goodpurlgonebad, I'm amazed at how much you've done of the ghan.

  3. You're zipping along on the wedding ghan; and such nice go-with-everything neutrals!

  4. You are flying on the wedding afghan, I wish I could knit one so fast, and someone had knitted me one for my wedding.

    I always give blankets for wedding presents, since I got married. It seems to be the only thing I have left from my Wedding presents.

  5. Wow that is some serious progress on the ghan and a good move to get rid of those ends as you go along. Do you get bored with all the wash clothes? I made about 14 in a row once and although I loved working through lots of different patterns I dont think I could face doing another!

  6. i love the wedding ghan! very pretty.

  7. Thanks so much folks for your nice comments and encouragement on the wedding ghan. I wish I had gotten it started earlier; to allow more time to get it done...but that didn't happen. So, trying hard to get it done in time.

  8. that Wedding Ghan is so awesome and beautiful! the color palette is beautiful.

  9. I love the Cloths! I have been meaning to make a few knitted ones but I made a few crochet ones as a way to teach myself the basic sts instead. The pink is my fav so far:)

  10. Love the ghan - it's looking great!! The cloths are cute too! I like them all - can't pick a fave! I answered your question about purling on my blog, just in case you don't get the response as an email...

  11. Don't you just hate when work gets in the way of knitting??? ;)
    You are sure zipping along on that afghan--and like several others, the pink cloth is my favorite.

  12. Love the wedding ghan! Can't wait to see it completed!

  13. WOW you are motoring on that Wedding-ghan it is going to be beautiful!

  14. I love the Wedding Ghan, looks like you're making great progress with it. And the colours of the washcloths are so cheerful!

  15. You've been busy! You wedding is almost done...wow! Love your summery cloths.

    I've been somewhat of a slacker in the knitting and blogging dept. Have to get my act together....

    happy knitting :)

  16. That wedding ghan is pretty, I love it! And I adore that pink cloth, it's so cute! You go girl! ;-)

  17. Love those dishcloths, they are so pretty. Thanks for your comments on my blog, sorry you have to keep looking at the same boring post!

  18. The afghan looks great, love the white/grey/black combo, it is really striking

  19. littlebitsheepish, it's not white/grey/and black. It's tan, beige, and brown. Might be the settings on your computer that it seems different colors to you?

    Thanks all for your visits, and encouragement, surely appreciate it.


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