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Thursday, February 12, 2009


We had a heck of a storm yesterday, standing water, tree limbs down, some folks were without electric and the wind and rain were so strong I couldn't see out my windows.

But.......then look when it was over.

I've left 1 photo dark, the way my camera took it with flash as I was hurrying before it was gone; the other 3 I fixed on the computer, wanted you to see the difference.

I've updated the Bridge, please pop over for a look see
I've gave each site, this one and The Bridge a facelift. What do you think?
PLEASE check out my other page, this last blog will have new things while I'm gone. It has a cool feature to post date blogs, so please check it often.

Heading out of town, so won't make it around to everyone's blog this week as I normally do. Will catch up you all on my return.

Pretend you're on vacation too, no packing necessary.


  1. Enjoy your time away have fun while gone. Our snow is gone too but the winds make it really cold still. But they say March in like a lion and out like a lamb. So maybe the winds will continue to blow.

  2. Very cool pictures, Sister.....I don't think Chuck got any so I'll have to make sure he sees these....

  3. Oh...the rainbow is beautiful! We had one heck of a storm last nite and the wind...wow! Hugs!

  4. The rainbows....God's Promise....
    Have a supercalafragalisticexpialladocis time....
    We'll keep the light on for you...

    don't forget your hook?

    be safe

  5. ooooh, a double bow. Very nice.

  6. Rainbows mean good luck, right!! Have a safe trip and see you when you get back.

  7. I really like the facelifts you gave to both blogs. Very nice!

    Have a fun and safe trip.

  8. Miss you......looking forward to hearing of your trip.....


  9. Woo Hoo...got here from the link....


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