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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Smatterings on Saturday

It's been a mish mosh day, a smattering of this and that. Updated Bridge and Beyond

Did an bit of an update on Twitter, still finding my way around there with searches and finding folks.

Cold, dark, wet outside; though the snow is melting...everything looks dirty. So I thought we needed pictures on non wintery things.

Ah to be cooking outside again. This is a great, and easy dinner on the grill. Marinate veggies (big pieces) in salad dressing of choice, I'm partial to Garlic Essense pr Paul Newmans Vinegerette. Cut up chicken and mix with peeled shrimp.

Toss veggies in sprayed stir fry type bowl for outdoor use, then add meat. Serve with your choice of wine.

Veggies...whatever you like. I used onions, 3 different colored peppers, mushrooms, yellow squash...yummy

A Christmas Quilt I made a few years back for my younger brother and wife on display at their house this past Christmas Eve. I've not yet made one myself. On the list of things to do. Just wanted to show you, I do sometimes do something that doesn't involve yarn. lol

Remember summer? When things were pretty bright and green? Why do kids always climb up the slide? Little one next door, his slide is tied to the fence while his dad and my hubby were building his swing set. He couldn't wait!

I'm forever blowing bubbles, who knows the song, sing along.

Had one of those battery operated bubble machines. Had more fun with it. Towards the end of the summer though it didn't work. Maybe next year I can get another. Here having fun, my great niece and nephew.

And so....... Sat. Smattering of this and that.

As I read and posted on blogs today worked on a scarf (I think I actually might keep for myself, all mine are looking pretty ratty).


  1. Your weather is exactly like here in Vermont right now...yuck! Shrimp and chicken on the grill, well, I'm coming to your place for dinner next time. :>)

  2. Oh to be young and just have fun and knowing that nothing is as important as the fun they are having right now...God Bless and get my plate ready Im on my way

  3. MMmmm that sounds so good.....I love me some shrimp and veges, toss it over some angel hair pasta and I am good to go...BOY did you have to do that to me...making me wish for GREEN even more than I do already...

  4. the food looks so yummy, I can't wait to try it. The quilt is really festive. and your walk down memory lane in the summer time was so refreshing. I can't wait till spring.

  5. Hi Sandy......looks tasty,colorful & healthy....
    the bubbles, oh how I love bubbles,,,I must put that on my favorite things list...especially when it is real windy, they go all over.....
    very pretty quilt you made.....I dabble in this and that too, sewing is an effort for me for some reason...it isn't as portable....as the trusty yarn and hook...but I do get into sewing moods...Have a good weekend.....Faith

  6. Thanks for your pleasant comments on my blog :)

    Your stir fry dish looks delish -- I love that kind of stuff. The quilt you made beautiful. One day I will try and tackle a project like that!

    What is it about Bubbles that makes everyone feel happy? I love them too.

  7. Ooooo that looks so tasty, I'm coming for dinner. :) LOL
    I hope you have had a wonderful weekend!


  8. I AM HUNGRY! That meal looks yummy beyond belief! Looking at your photos made me feel like summer was already here. I don't want to waste my life away, but oh for the warmth of your pictures!!!

  9. I join the others in saying, I'm coming for dinner and please bring on Spring. Enough of winter already

  10. Hi Sandy,

    Ooh, that looks REALLY yummy! I'm feeling inspired! And hungry!

    The walls are definitely going to be scrubbed down. It's looks like they've never had soapy washcloth taken to them. There's no way paint would stick with all that scuz. I lived in the suburbs of Columbus for a few years. But I grew up in Monroe, MI - so Toledo was part of my old stomping grounds. Where are you from?

    Talk at ya later,

  11. I LOVE that quilt. Thanks for stopping by! I'm getting some of the Blogspot things worked out. I'm just not sure how I can keep up with so many blogs!

  12. It's looking beautiful here!!!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

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