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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

WIP, FO...and progress there of

Posted recently completed scarf and mittens on The Bridge Project page, 2 less WIP and one more FO (work in progress AND finished object for you non crafters), and here is some more progress on perhaps the longest living wip I've had. The Candy Corn Ghan...it's not a real square and I don't want it to be, sorta modern version of a square if you will. I won't it to be off...and funky, but traditional in it's colors at the same time. So, it's a real piece work. A few rows of this, then I stare and decide what to do next based on the amount of whatever color I have.

Fabulous massage yesterday, need to run errands next, sun is melting some of the snow....see me dancing in the streets?

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  1. Very pretty! I love the colors!!..and the variation.

    Snow is melting in Vermont also...yippee. Everytime I make a left hand turn the frozen snow under the wheel well screeches! Glad when that is gone.

  2. This is really coming out nice and the colors are perfect for the name or visa versa. I am also tired of snow.

  3. I can totally relate. I worked on a log cabin blanket for almost a full year. It was a serious time committment. I love what you've got so far.

  4. hi,
    i don't know how to knit but i know crochet a little bit. you have beautiful projects and i really like the color of this one.

  5. I really like the way the afghan is coming along. I couldn't really picture it until now, but it looks great.

    Snow was starting to melt here in CT until yesterday, when we got another 4" of the white stuff. Oh well, winter will end eventually.

  6. No more snow! No more snow! It's time for beautiful colors...like the ones I see in your creations!!!

  7. I have to say also, NO MORE SNOW, even though I am the one who did the snow dance last week! I take it back, I do, I do! Hey, very cool that you grew up in Marion. Do you still have friends and people you visit? I live out near Richwood, out past Green Camp, on Rt. 739. We're west of Marion. I didn't grow up there, though. I'm from Morrow County. Anyway, I love your candy corn ghan. That would be the kind I like - it doesn't follow anyone's rules but yours! Tee-Hee. Can you tell I'm somewhat of a renegade? I'm enjoying Jan's blog too. I'm going to go find some of her books in our library at school tomorrow, and impress my students by telling them I "know" her. Fun, huh? I'll be back . . .

  8. Gooe Morning neighbor....sorry I was not at home when you dropped by, I went to Joann's for a yarn run....raincheck?

    Thanks for the congratulatins...and you are correct it was David Caradine in Kung foo....I lik to play with people my age, we remember alot of the same things, and it is fun to reminis (sp?), and go back in the day......very cold up here today....but bright & sunny, beautiful blue sky...catch up with you later..

  9. I love the colors. Oh, the FP list? long, but longer than the WIP list? cringe- maybe not!

  10. Your candy-corn-ghan is super ...really turned out very nicely :)


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