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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Oh Baby

start of Candy LandCandyLand is the theme for this OddBall Baby Blanket.
I had issues with this blanket. Firstly didn't realize it wasn't a knitting worsted weight blanket. Was trying to follow suit and used Caron Simply Soft (which I had on hand, and hate using), but it was purple and to close in color to the section already here. I didn't want to buy more yarn, even though baby yarn or sport was suggested. Found some fingering weight yarn in my stash still nice and clean in it's original closed plastic bag. Fingering is too thin, so I used 2 strands. Since I had quite a bit done and had to frog, I went with your basic garter here to get this on it's way. I had held the group a bit and felt badly about that. The yellow next to the purple looked nice.
Mossy Delights startBarely started here in this picture, though since photographing have made some good headway with this one. This one is titled Mossy Delights. I'll be the last knitter on this OddBall. I'm using Pique Triangles which is a nice two sided stitch. It's best not to have a right and wrong side with blankets, though that can't always be accomplished. I love all the greens.
close up of border for ConfettiThis is a close up of Confetti, where I was on Border Patrol. I crocheted this edge and used up some green confetti looking yarn so was able to stay in theme with my border. I found this border (and the one I used for finishing up my daughter's ghan for Bridge and Beyond), in a nice leisure Arts book by Jean leinhauser titled 50 More Crocheted Afghan Borders. #4531 I like the book, it seems to have a nice mix of borders to use for different types of ghans.
Confetti Baby Blanket CompletedAnd here's the completed Oddball Baby Blanket, Confetti. The Oddball group is on Rav if you're interested. There's a group for baby sized blankets, full size ghans, and even pet ghans. Everyone does their bit and the blankets do a bit of traveling before they're donated. The baby blankets are all donated to children's hospital's around the country for those in need.

This is some of what I've been busy doing. Still many projects in the works, but a bit here, a bit there and slowly they get done. Though it seems for every completed project I start 2 or 3 more. lol How bout you? What are you up to? Remember busy hands are happy hands. Even if they're not hands that are knitting or crocheting.


  1. That is an amazing border on your blanket :) I love it...it realy sets off the blanket. You did a great job, Sandy!!

  2. Thanks hakucho, I thought it was a bit unusual with the points and liked it.

  3. I love the idea of Oddball blankets. Several hands giving their love to an unknown baby somewhere in need. How beautiful is that?

  4. Hi Sandy,
    Just stopping in to say hi, and I love the oddball blankets. I don't leave to many comments, but this year I'm trying to change. Well I'm going back to making more mittens.
    Take care

  5. Christine10:10 AM

    (Don't delete my comment, Mom)
    Love the confetti blanket -- it turned out really nicely, especially with your edge, it's lacy without being too girly -- GOOD JOB!

  6. Thanks darling daughter, would never delete your comment. Love having them, just too far and few in between.


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