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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Busy finishing Hats, and designing afghans

crocheted hatsHere's 2 more hats I completed from the partials garage sell donation group. Believe I've got about 4 more to do, so stay tuned. The pink rows don't match, but I think it's ok given the fun trim I ended with. I'm finding it's possible to use up some real odds and ends when completing these hats. You might remember reference to this garage sell donation for Bridge and Beyond HERE. There were 9 hat starts and I've been chipping away fixing and completing them.

A fun girly set with scarf here, had more of the fun pink, black, white, gray so didn't have to add pink to this first one.

Two more doctored up here.

Also been busy designing, photographing, and bagging up afghans. Got several ready to be worked on from squares I had here mixed with those being donated through Give a Square. All the afghans made thus far have been donated to Faith Mission for those women and children in temporary housing. Some of these people have been homeless and some abused. Having fun doing the designing. The method of photographing them is working out well. Once I do that, I don't have to leave the squares laid out and can bag and label them. Then as soon as I'm done with one ghan I can reach for another bag, select the joining yarn keep the process moving ahead full speed.

What are you working on now that the holidays are over?


  1. I think the finished partial hats look great. Nice charity projects!!

  2. You are to be admired for all the charity work that you do. Hats are lovely.

  3. You are doing a great job on all those hats! They certainly will be appreciated -- I'm sure :)


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