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Monday, January 17, 2011

The last of the garage sale hats, completed!

4 hats for the homelessThese 4 hats are the last from the partial hats needing completion from The Garage Sale. I've mentioned this before. (HERE) and (here) Am happy to have those all finished and on heads of those in need through Bridge and Beyond.

I started this fun multi-colored scarf also for Bridge and Beyond the other day at hair dressers. Needed something I could do without my glasses on while I was getting rid of the gray. That process seems to take alot longer then it used too...hum, must be because the gray is more gray and there's more of it. GROAN! This is called kaleidoscope and is probably the softest Red Heart Knitted Worsted Yarn I've ever used. Wonder why it varies so much from color to color?
crocheted scarf for homelessThe picture makes it look more orange then it is. I might have enough for a matching hat too since this is for a child. We'll see as it progresses.

We've been busy redoing our bedroom which has been a pretty major project. In a small house, it's hard to have places to move furniture in order to paint...AND before you paint you have to repair places (Spackle and stuff like that). These projects always take more time and become more involved then one thinks it will before starting. Always! New bed will be delivered in a couple of days so we need to get the painting finished before delivery. We moved our bed into the other room, but had to move the bed from their to the basement. See what I mean...always more work then you think it's going to be. But, am anxious for it to arrive. We both feel like we'll sleep better going to more space, a King. Sometime down the road, we'll need to do some changing around in the room we moved the bed too...cause it's over crowded now. But, one thing at a time.

As always busy busy, how bout you all?


  1. Great bunch of hats...some special people will be very happy!

    A new king sized bed....that sounds exciting...lucky you, enjoy :)

  2. Hey Sandy...Yep its me Elsie !!!!
    See you've been busy accomplishing a lot of things.
    I am fine :.except for both hips with spurs on them but I keep going with prespriction pain meds. Been a busy winter .Had Christmas at my house, the first time since Bill died and everyone seemed to have a great time.knitting & crocheting for neices & nephews on Bill's side and church showers . Go a lot too. Do a Bible study and some singing @ a apartment building once a month. Not been this month for the weather being bad roads. I may start blogging again one day just kinda bogged down with it .LOl does taht maaake any sense ?
    Take care & enjoy that new bed. Rest well ..

  3. I've always wondered that about RH, too. I suppose it's possible that the infusion of some dyes alters the behavior of the acrylic more than others, but it doesn't seem to be the case with other brands. RH is cheap, but it's odd.

    Yay for finished hats! :)


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