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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Five thousand three hundred stitches!

middle panel opal ghanNothing fancy for sure, basic beige in basic double crochet stitches. One pound of Caron and a I hook, chain 100 stitches get's your 53 rows, which is 5,300 stitches. Funny, I've never actually thought about how many stitches there was in something I made. Have you? This measures about 33.5 inches square and will be a center panel on a ghan. It's not as big as I would have hoped, but needed to see how big the one pounder would make. Long ago I started this ghan, had issues with it, then determine the original design I came up with wasn't going to work and had to frog it. Terrible how long this has been a wip. The stitches were so tight it really bothered my arthritis, carpal tunnel, and ulnar nerve...so I keep pushing it aside. Finally got tired of pushing it aside and put it in the basement even with my yarn stash. My friend asked me to make it, she doesn't like anything with holes....so smaller hook, makes it tighter etc.

I never intended to have it go this long and am rather embarrassed by it. After I put it in the basement, I didn't even think about it anymore. Believe my new design will allow me to make fewer squares which is the part that bothered me the most.

Here's the first go round that was completely frogged.


  1. Very impressive when you start counting stitches :)
    Good luck finishing it!

  2. Yes really cute idea! I usually count the stitches by rows but this time you bring me a new way, so fun!

  3. I was just thinking about the number of stitches in a project the other day. Mind you, I didn't bother to figure it out, but I was thinking about it! The closest I've come is counting the time investment, mostly indirectly in ways such as "number of X-Files episodes watched while making it". Hee!

    I'm interested to see the new design of this afghan!


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