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Friday, February 04, 2011

Becoming a Buckeye Baby

Buckeye Baby Knitted setTo be a Buckeye Baby one needs to be born in The Buckeye State, and have appropriate Buckeye Attire. Regulations can be altered at an older age when one chooses to become a Buckeye as long as appropriate clothing is worn. lol

Seriously folks my youngest nephew and wife are expecting and as my nephew is a HUGE Buckeye Fan, I thought I would forgo the traditional baby blue colors. Took this photo just after finishing the booties. As you can see the sweater needs to be sewn together, trimmed and the hats needs finished. Intended to post this a few days ago and didn't get that far. I did finish the hat last night, and the sweater is sewn, though trim edge and finish touches still remain. I need to finish this today; as the baby shower is tomorrow........yikes. It's doable though. I'll post a finished picture later.

Hope you're all staying warm and safe with all the lousy weather everyone's had.

I've been busy working on several afghans for Bridge and Beyond, a baby blanket for above baby later, finished a scarf for Bridge and Beyond, and need to do a border on an Oddball Baby Blanket, and have a ghan in the works for a friend. Whew.. Hooks, needles and yarn flying like crazy around here.


  1. It is toooo adorable!

  2. Thanks Jan, just about to sit down and do the finishing touches.
    See ya tomorrow

  3. I doubt you'll find a better dressed buckeye baby :)

  4. I'm an "old" Buckeye Baby...lol! That is just so adorable - I know that will be the hit of the party! What a good lookin' baby that will be dressed in Buckeye cheer!

  5. I love "non-traditional" colors for baby items. Sports teams and school colors are a great way to get away from pink and blue! Love the two-tone sweater!

  6. Hi Sandy...what's doin? Have been around in a while, hope all is well. I managed to fix crochet by the sea, and so have moved back home. Please update the address on your blog log...simple,vintage and crochet is closed...thank,Faith

  7. Anonymous8:32 AM

    I think it's great to see baby clothes in unique colors. Pink and blue need to take a vacation for awhile! Great job!

  8. Thanks all for the kind words, much appreciated.

    Thanks Faith for the update. Will see about getting the changes.


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