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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Improving one stitch at a time

close up my sectionI keep trying, ever so slowly to improve my knitting skills. This is a close up of my portion of "Mossy Delights" Oddball Baby Blanket. The darker green, top of the photo is my section. I used a stitch called pique triangles. I like the stitch because it has lots of texture, and is completely 2 sided which is nice for a blanket. It's only a 4 row repeat which also nice...for me. Perhaps as I improve a bit more, I can expand on that.
Oddball Baby BlanketHere's a picture of the whole blanket before I sent it on for boarder patrol so you can see how everyone does a strip, different stitches and colors (or in this case shades of the same color). The blankets each have a theme, a name and we're to do our bit based on our interpretation of that name/theme. The blankets are donated to babies in need at various hospitals around the country.

I think I'd like to do that stitch again, wouldn't it make an awesome scarf? Perhaps best knitted lengthwise vs widthwise? Would the pattern show up less is the scarf were done in the more traditional method of knitting it widthwise?

Lots of WIP (works in progress for my non crafting friends), but chipping away. Hope you're all staying warm. Sorry I've gotten behind in visiting your blogs, but hope to chip away at that today and tomorrow too.

**Adding this per hakucho's post, so you can see this blanket when it was finished. Here's Nancy Blog.


  1. Your odd ball blanket is beautiful. Now I have a question for you: Nancy
    ( http://wyomingbreezes.blogspot.com/2011/02/oddball-update.html)
    posted some after the border patrol was finished with them and I thought they were amazing. Is her green finished blanket the same one you worked on...sure looks like it to me???

  2. Good eye hakucho, yes right you are, it is the same blanket. I'll add a link to her page so folks can see it completed.

    Thanks for singing out, appreciate it.

  3. Hi Sandy, what fun to have hakucho make the connection. Your section on this is wonderful.

  4. That stitch is lovely! And as a 2-sided stitch it would be wonderful as a scarf! I think doing it width-wise would be great because the textured "stripes" would run the full length of the scarf and look very slick!

  5. very nice sampler blanket. Thanks for your comments to my blog. And no the apron is not hot.

  6. Thanks Ghost, appreciate it. I may have to borrow your apron idea, very cute.


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