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Saturday, February 26, 2011

LOVE hand made

Christine's Christmas necklace Love this funky hand made piece of jewelry my DD got me for Christmas. She bought it at a craft shop in St. Louis. Said she knew I liked funky, and that I always preferred handmade over machine made. I like the uniqueness of handmade, I like knowing it's one of a kind, I like helping artists. So does she. The colors probably would have shown up better had I placed this on a dark background to take the photo. Perhaps I'll do that next time round.
Julie's Christmas necklaceMore hand made wonderfulness. This is from my SIL, Julie who makes awesome things. This too was a Christmas Gift. Isn't it cool!

I encourage you all to consider shopping from an artist, from a art booth, art fair, or here on line. Supporting artist local or otherwise is a good investment.


  1. Gorgeous!!!....and what a thoughtful daughter!

  2. Love both of your necklaces. I bet they go with a lot of your outfits :)

  3. Right you are Joansie, she is a thoughtful daughter.

    hakucho, the colors are great, like you said they go with so many things.


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